Once upon a time there lived a girl who loved writing. Now, this girl went through phases all the time & always wanted to do new things. One bright sunny day (it was a gloomy afternoon irl) she came up with the idea of taking these phases and this passion for wanting to try new things and decided she was going to go ahead & do them. She decided that every other week she’d do something different and she’d intertwine her passions for writing & write about her experiences.

And 1 Week Mary was born.

Spoiler alert: the girl was ME. I know, who’d have guessed it?!

I call these experiences 1 Weekers; you can see the ones I’ve done already by clicking here, or if you have any ideas for any you’d like me to do, be sure to let me know as I’m always looking to do new things.

I also blog about Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle (lots of lifestyle), and little bits of everything. So, if you’re interested in the trials and tribulations of a 20 year old English Literature student in the city of London who’s creeping into adulthood while simultaneously trying to figure out what she wants to do once her degree is done and also doing lots of random things (now that’s a mouthful), then this is the blog for you!

If not, have a browse anyway, you might see something you like (well, you don’t have to…okay, you kinda do).

See you on the other side.

1 Week Mary x