Why I have 700 Notes On My Phone


It’s true. I have 700 notes on my phone. I didn’t realise I had that many, to be honest, but when I checked, that’s what it said. So, what am I making notes about? And why are there so many? Let’s find out!

Blog posts/ideas for blog posts

A lot is blog post content. And I mean a lot. Sometimes it’s actual content for a blog post, like I’ve started planning or writing a blog post, and other times, it’s literally just an idea in the form of five or six words. A few examples are ’10 Reasons Why I Love Twitter’, ‘Home For The Holidays’, ‘My Everyday Essentials’, ‘Perks Of Studying In London’ and a whole lot more than I can count.

Upcoming appointments

The next one is for my dentist appointment on the 16th, in case you were wondering. I guess I add appointments to my notes just as a little extra reminder. My justification is that I’d rather have that extra reminder than just completely forget to go!

Things I have to remember

This covers all things from appointments, as mentioned, to important numbers/details and just things that I need to keep in mind overall, or might have to come back to one day. It’s great for easy access.

Notes for essays

If I’m working on an essay or project and I see something around that might be relevant, or even have an idea that’s relevant, I’ll grab my phone and jot it down, so I can easily come back to it when I’m writing up the assignment.

Contact details

I don’t mean I go through my contacts one by one and then add them to my notes, don’t worry. I mean that when I get an email address I need, or a brand’s/someone’s contact info, I’ll quickly jot it down in my notes, where it’s then ready to be accessed whenever I need it.

Gift ideas

My cousin recently had a little baby girl, so I quickly wrote down some gift ideas for her. Whenever I give gifts, I always try to make them something that the receiver would really like, and I love the whole process of gift giving, so write down as many suggestions as I can in my notes, before making a decision on what to actually get.

To do lists

From shopping lists to assignments due in to all kinds of tasks that need doing, the ‘notes’ app is where I put them. It just makes it easier to remember what needs buying, or what’s due when. In fact, as you can see, for me, the app is extremely helpful!

Random ideas

I like working on projects. And I also like to have ideas for projects. So, when I do, I usually write down some ideas in my notes, and then some more and then more and then – you get the gist of it. So a lot of the ideas I have are sat in my notes, waiting to be acted on, I guess.


I loooooove writing poems. Sometimes, when I’m feeling a bit crap, I’ll write down a poem in my notes, as I find it easy to express my emotions through poetry. Most of the time, I’ll aim to post these poems on the blog, but 9 times out of 10, just like with all the other blog content in my notes, it just doesn’t happen that way.

Emails/texts that need sending

This is especially if I’m underground or somewhere without internet/signal, I might draft an email or text, ready to be sent when the internet/signal is back. I think where I’m going wrong here is that I’m not deleting these from my notes after I’ve sent them…I think I should probably do that!

The ones that don’t make sense

As I was scrolling through my notes, I’ve found some really short notes that had a meaning once, but no longer do. Here are some examples:

April book


Bdg mnt w strgr ovr by



I literally have no idea what these mean, maybe I should have added a bit more info so I’d know what the heck I was on about when I came back to them all this time later!

The oldest saved note on my phone is from 26th January 2016, 2 years ago, when I first got this phone and is all about spending ‘1 Week As A Foodie’, which is a post that didn’t quite make it to the blog, but hey – there’s still time. And the most recent is ‘6 Reasons Why People Open Up To Strangers’, from the same day that I’m writing this blog post (11th January) at 16:24pm. Again, it’s an idea for a blog post, and if it gets finished, then I guess you’ll see it up here soon. If you’re desperate to read that post (which I know you all are, of course), then you’ll just have to subscribe!

As you can see, I make full use of the ‘notes’ app on my phone and to be honest, the majority of them are blog post ideas or content I was supposed to write for my blog, but either ditched halfway through, or just never got round to writing. And to answer the question of why I have 700 notes, I guess it’s because I write practically everything down in my notes!

If you enjoyed having a nosey in to my notes, I also have 304 drafts written on WordPress, so let me know if you want a peak into those posts that didn’t quite make it and I’ll get onto sharing them faster than you can say ‘1000 combined notes and drafts might be a little too many’.

Now I’m genuinely interested to find out: how many notes do you have saved on your phone? Let me know in the comments below. Now I’ve realised just how many I have, I think it’s time I delete the useless ones, like shopping lists, completed to do lists and random notes that just need to go!

In other news, it feels great to back! Until next time,

1 Week Mary x


One thought on “Why I have 700 Notes On My Phone

  1. Lol this reminds me so much of my own notepad!😂 I have notes for pretty much everything you do. Although I only have 273. But I’ve had it for just over a year, I’m sure it will escalate this year📝

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