I’m 21!

On November 9th, I turned 21. So I thought I’d do another 10 minute blog post to honour the occasion. Enjoy!

I’m 21. That seems weird. 21. Hmm, I’m not going to freak out like I did last year, like oh my goooosh I’m never going to be a teenager again – hey, I guess we all go through it, right? It’s just something we have to get out of our systems. Well, at least I did. But yeah. 21. Seems kinda strange to me. No-one’s asked me how old I am since I’ve turned 21, so we’ll see how weird it feels when someone does ask me.

I had a good birthday Alhamdulillah (thanks be to Allah). I went for dinner with my friends back home in Manchester on the Saturday before, which was actually sooo nice as I hadn’t seen them in so so long. It was just so nice to let loose and have fun, without worrying about all those constant stresses and worries. And I got to dress up, too, which is always fun! On my actual birthday on Thursday, I went to work for a couple of hours, had a seminar at uni, went out with my uni friends and then just chilled and had deep conversations with my friend. That’s what birthdays are for, right?! As I type this on Friday 10th, I’m currently on my way back home to Manchester and may or may not be doing something with family this Saturday. I mean, you only turn 21 once, right, so I might as well make the most of it!

Shoutout to my sister for the balloons – I loved them!

I might do a couple of birthday-related blog posts, like ‘my last week as a 20 year old’ and ’21 things I’ve learned in 21 years’ so please do let me know if these are posts you’d want to see. I actually did a post a while ago on 20 things I’ve learnt in 20 years, but I feel like I’ve learnt a lot since then, so it could be good to do another one. Plus, as I keep rambling on about my birthday (especially on Instagram tbh), now would probably be the perfect time to do that post.

So, yeah, I’m 21! I don’t feel ‘older’, I feel exactly the same, but I don’t think that’s how birthdays work. Like, I don’t think you’re supposed to feel a whole year older on your birthday, – 10 MINUTES ARE UP! But what I’m saying is that I don’t think you’re supposed to feel a full year older on your birthday, because you’re not really, are you? You’re a day older than the day before your birthday. Okay, I’m rambling.

Anyway, thank you for reading! I’ve always been the kind of person that gets excited for their birthday, regardless of whether or not I’m actually doing anything. It’s just so exciting!

When’s your birthday? And are you looking forward to it?


Newly-turned-21-year-old 1 Week Mary x (I had to, okay!)


5 thoughts on “I’m 21!

  1. Firstly, Happy belated birthday!🎈 Secondly, I LOVED reading this! Mostly because I turned 21 last month and the hype hasn’t completely worn off😂. I’m also one to really look forward to my birthday. Please do write other 21 related posts! I look forward to reading them😊. I also did quite a few myself🙈 like 21 of my fave childhood shows, what I did on my actual birthday and my 21st party. Please give mine a read if you get the chance. I’m over at http://www.herechoedthoughts.wordpress.com 🌻

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