But Who Needs A Purse? My Essential Card Holder

A while ago, I was kindly given a card holder to review by David Hampton. David Hampton “create beautiful and practical luxury leather goods to be cherished for a lifetime”, with chrome-free leather. They offer a wide range of products from phone cases to wallets to notepads and a whole lot more.

The website states that their ‘luxury leather goods are handcrafted with carefully selected premium quality leather and every item is covered by a lifetime guarantee.’ A lifetime guarantee. That’s a pretty big guarantee. I’ve had my card holder for over a year now and I’d say that the quality is still pretty good. Will it last a lifetime? I can’t say, but I can tell you it’s done pretty well so far!


This card holder in particular is a slim leather orange card holder.

Now, to be honest, I can’t rave about this product enough. I have my university ID card in it, along with my Oyster and pretty much all of my other frequently used cards. I use it every single day and it is very, very high up there on my list of everyday essentials. It’s just so handy and useful. I mean, I probably wouldn’t have picked up this colour, but I genuinely do really like it. It’s nice and bright and I’m glad it’s orange and not a neutral or blend-into-the-background colour.

I stick all my cards in there, including my Nectar card, business cards sometimes and occasionally even train tickets, and they make a very tight squeeze. However, when I have a clear out and get rid of those extras, or even when I just take one of my cards out, there’s suddenly extra space in there and it isn’t as secure. But whenever I do take a card out, I always make sure to put it back in, so all the cards are a good fit and are nice and secure again. So I guess what I’m saying is I can’t really have a ‘proper’ clear out, as the rest of the cards will slide around and fall everywhere. I suppose that’s my own fault for sticking so much stuff in at the beginning, as the card holder has now gotten used to it and has adjusted to the fit.

I just throw the card holder into my bag or pocket and will head off to wherever it is I’m going to. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I don’t take a purse with me anywhere and actually haven’t used a purse for around a year, as I use this every single day. I’d definitely recommend getting a card holder to everyone as they’re extremely useful and are just so easy to handle.

And that’s my essential card holder; thank you for reading!

You can check out similar card holders by David Hampton here: Slim Leather Card Holder.

Do you use a card holder?

1 Week Mary x

Disclaimer: This post includes PR samples I was given to review, however all opinions are entirely my own.


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