Dissertations, Stress And Third Year | Jumbled Thoughts

As you may (or may not) know, I’m now in my final year. That means this year I’ll have to work hard, do a dissertation and get some amazing results because this is my last chance; basically it’s now or never.

So, welcome to my jumbled thoughts. This was supposed to be a 10 Minute Blog Post, but I actually ended up adding so much after the 10 minutes had finished. You might get the same vibe from this as the 10 Minute Blog Posts, though, as this post came about in a very similar style. I hope you enjoy reading!

My final year. It’s only just started, but at the same time, 4 weeks have gone by – or maybe 5…

This year I just know I’m going to get stressed. I mean, I’m going to be doing a dissertation, I’m doing an internship this semester, I’m working part-time, I’m blogging, I’ve volunteered to be a course rep, and I still have to do my assignments for each module. And the readings. (Don’t get me wrong, of course I’m so so grateful Alhamdulillah that I get to do all these. It’s just the matter of staying on top of it all, really.)

As some of you will know, I created a University-in-London bucket list a while back, and really want to tick off as much as possible off that list before I graduate. I want to fully immerse myself into being a student and taking advantage of the opportunities I have, as a student. You can read more about that here, as I dedicated a full post just to going into final year. Anyway, I’m trying to do as much as possible, which is why I’m doing so many things, but I realise I need to be extremely organised for this to be a success. Because if I’m not, I’m literally going to be dragging myself through this year and that’s not something I want to do.

In fact, that is what I’ve been doing so far, and it’s exhausting. Last week in particular just tired me out and I know it’s because I hadn’t been spending my time wisely. And to think that the year is just starting – if I carry on like this, then when my deadlines are coming and there’s a lot more to do, what the heck will I be like then?! I think what I need to do is get into a routine (whenever I think of that word, I always remember Barney from HIMYM saying ‘rut-tine’. Anyone else? Just me? Okay!) but seriously, when I know what I’ve already done and what needs to be done etc, I guess it will just make things easier and I’ll (hopefully) be more productive.

Now, let me just talk about my dissertation. I have no clue what I want to do it on yet. I mean, I’m hoping I’ll have decided a topic by the time this post is up, but who kno – okay, who am I kidding? I need to have a topic decided before this post goes up!

One thing I thought about a while ago was whether or not I should do a masters. I mean, I always thought after my degree, that would be it. No more uni. But I had the idea of doing a masters in digital marketing a few weeks ago – very, very randomly.

I had lots of reasons for wanting to do it, a couple being that I’d have the opportunity to do a lot of networking and also build my confidence; both with working with different kinds of people and just building my confidence in general. And as digital marketing is what I’m hoping to go into, this seemed perfect for me. However, it’s far from perfect. When asking for advice, I was told that there wouldn’t be much I learnt in that masters that I couldn’t learn on the job. That’s fair enough and sounds quite true, to be honest. Even so, the main reasons for wanting to do it weren’t even related to the degree itself.

At this very moment, I haven’t really been thinking of doing a masters as much as when I first had the idea and, more than likely, I won’t end up doing it. Which is okay, as I was never 100% sure on whether or not I actually wanted to do it. I guess I’ve not really thought much about what I’m going to do after I graduate. I think I’m so busy working on ’right now’, that I’ve just put that to the back of my mind. But, of course, that won’t be for long. Someone has to start looking for graduate jobs In Shaa Allah.

And that’s all I gotta say bros.

Thank you for reading! What have you been up to recently?

1 Week Mary x


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