She Tries

I love poetry & I always have. So today I thought I’d share a little poem here with you all and I hope you like it!

She Tries

Sigh of relief

Sigh; sigh

Sigh of content

Or not? But why?

Trying to stop, trying

to no avail

She not once, but twice, tries again

And not once, but twice, she fails.

Low, indiscreet and full of feeling

It is time to draw a line

and start healing.

Sad eyes, clenched teeth and only a screen

She types up, inside,

with her hands;

She types up, inside, what she means.


And that’s all for now; thank you for reading! One of my favourite things about poetry is that it can be interpreted very subjectively. I’d love to know your interpretations of this poem; let me know what you think it’s about in the comments below!

Do you enjoy poetry?


1 Week Mary x


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