Oversized Hides The Pies; The Comfiest Hoodie

I mean, technically, if I ate loads of pies, then oversized clothing would hide that, right? Although I actually didn’t eat loads of pies, so can neither confirm nor deny that the title may or may not be 100% factual. I’m sorry guys. I just want you to know that you can still trust me! I didn’t mean to do it okay, it rhymed and I couldn’t think of a better title *cries* – oh, you’re over it? Then let’s get on with the post!

So, I bought this hoodie a few weeks ago and it’s just so comfy. It’s really oversized – well, technically, it’s a ‘hoodie dress’, which is one of the reasons why it’s so oversized. It’s just like a big wearable blanket and is pink (as you can clearly see), which is definitely a bonus! I seem to be wearing pink more these days – okay, the last outfit post was mainly pink and this hoodie is, too. That may be it; maybe I’m not wearing as much pink as I thought…


On another note, can you believe this is my third outfit post in a row?  I actually can’t wait to do more, to be honest. In fact, I already have the pictures for another one ready, so keep your eyes peeled guys, keep your eyes peeled. You can see the ones I’ve done already here.

Now, back to the outfit. Unfortunately, the material isn’t great, but the hoodie is actually so comfy and cosy that I still wanted to get it in a range of different colours for a while. The other day I fell asleep with it on and after that it did start going bobbly very quickly which is annoying. But maybe that was my own fault, who knows? A bit of the threading at the bottom came undone, too, actually. But all that aside; it’s so comfy.

I mean, don’t I look comfy? I definitely felt it!

I bought the hoodie from George at Asda and you can find it here: Oversized Hoodie from George

In all honesty, I think I’ll have to think twice about getting another simply because of the quality of the material. I mean, I’d probably have given the hoodie a 10 if it didn’t get so bobbly, but I guess it’s just not meant to be *heartbroken*. But I do love the one I have already, though. It’s perfect for lounging around at home in when you’re having a lazy day, or just want to be comfy. I know I’ll be able to count on it when I’m sat here in the cold winter nights doing my assignments/dissertation research *shudders* – let’s not think about those right now!

And that’s all I’ve got to say on the comfiest hoodie; thank you for reading!

What do you think? Is this something you’d wear?

1 Week Mary x


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