Changing Up My Look | Dubai OOTD

To be honest, I’d probably never wear this outfit in England. Okay, I can’t guarantee that, I mean, I might do. But I’d say I’m about 80% sure I wouldn’t. Make that 60. No, 40…okay, anything could happen, I can’t be giving out false statistics!

I wore this outfit on our last day in Dubai, when we went to the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa aka the tallest building in the world. I’d describe the dress as either a nightie or something a grandma would love.

Mandatory bathroom selfie inside Dubai Mall

Having said all that, I bought it and wore it so I must like it, right? Of course I do; I like changing up the aesthetic sometimes and having fun experimenting with clothes. The dress isn’t something I’d have picked up in the past, but my style is changing a lot at the moment, so keep an eye out for more fashion posts here and on my Instagram #majorplug. Also, I might add that the fact that I was on holiday most definitely played a part in this outfit.

5 stars for this background tho – I LOVE it.


Before I’d bought the dress, I’d already planned the whole outfit in my head; the dress with black pumps and my black rucksack. The maroon scarf came into place later and I wore the choker and earrings as it was our last day and I hadn’t had a chance to wear them in Dubai yet. I wore a brown belt simply because that was the only belt I’d packed, to be honest.


Altogether, I think the whole outfit worked well together, even though it was miles away from what I’d usually wear.

On a side note, can you believe I picked this rucksack up for just £5 in Primark?! I think I may need to add a ‘Bargain Buys’ section to the blog soon, as I love a good bargain and have found some great ones recently!

Below you can find all the outfit details:

Dress: A souk in Dubai – I actually bought it on the same morning that I wore it #LastMinuteAntics

Belt: Probably Primark (I’ve had it a whiiiiiiiile)

Scarf: Either Manchester or London (vague, I know, but you can get these from most places; markets, shopping centres, etc)

Pumps: Matalan

Rucksack: Primark

Choker: New Look

Earrings: Select

Would I wear this again? After some experimenting, I’d say that I would wear the dress again, but would make some adjustments to the above outfit and style it out differently.

Thank you for reading! As my style is currently undergoing a major refurb at the moment, I might start doing more ootd posts. Let me know in the comments if that’s something you’d be interested in seeing!

And there goes my first ootd post – hopefully the first of many.

Until next time,

1 Week Mary x


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