Going Into My Final Year Of Uni

Last week, I started my final year of university, In Shaa Allah, if I pass, that’s it. No more university for me. That’s such a terrifying yet exciting yet still extremely terrifying thing.

I feel like university and education as a whole is our comfort blanket. We know what’s going to happen the next year; come September, we’re starting the next year of school/college/uni. But what about when it’s your final year? Come next September, what will I be doing then? The fact of the matter is that nobody knows what they’ll be doing – if you’re going into postgraduate study, then you can skip this bit. Let’s just pretend that that isn’t an option right now as it ruins my point and allllllllll that sentimentality lol.

Now, where was I? Oh, my final year. This isn’t just my final year of my 3 years at university, but this is going to be my final year of education. All we’ve known from the age of 3 is education and, now, almost 18 years later, that’s all going to be over.

I’ve absolutely loved my time at university alhamdulillah and am going to miss it so much. I feel like every year I’ve made more of an effort to make the most out of it, and I’d advise you to do the same. There are so so many opportunities we get and so much support on offer and I’d say take advantage of that, 100%, as lot of these opportunities aren’t available in ‘the real world’ or life after university.

So far, in the last couple of weeks, I’ve already had meetings about my dissertation – I actually need to decide what I’m going to do it on yet! – and as I’m doing a work experience module, I’ve spent a lot of time looking for and applying for internships. I can tell this year is going to be really busy, and that’s exactly why I haven’t even been blogging/Instagramming/tweeting recently. The past two years have flown by, and I don’t doubt that this year will, too, so I’m just going to try to fit as much as I possibly can between now and Summer.

But yeah, onwards and upwards! I’m really excited to see what life after university holds for me, but at the same time, know that I really will miss university. All I can do is try my best this year and make the most most most out of my final year, as a lot of the things I can do this year I may never be able to do again.

There are still so many things I have yet to tick off my university bucket list, and I want to tick off every single one. I hope I do!

Thank you for reading. Are you at university? How are you finding it?

1 Week Mary x


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