When You Can’t Find The Words To Say


When you can’t find the words to say, or when you feel like you just can’t say, what do you do? You write a poem, with a hidden meaning that no-one will ever know. (I’m aware that sounds kinda sinister, but that’s just the way it has to be.) Enjoy.

Whisper, shriek, whistle and scream

Sneak around

Break down

Keep quiet, no-one’s listening.

Carry on, yet stop again

Slowly slowly you will mend;

Good day, bad day, perfect day, rough day

You have days

You get to see them.

Live them.

Quality, quantity

They will mix

Your sad heart will begin to fix

And good times override the bad.

The happy will always beat the sad.

I find poetry so therapeutic, as I can get things out of my system that sometimes I didn’t even know were there, and can also create a poem that carries depth and feeling behind each word.

Thank you for reading! Every rough patch is temporary, and the important thing to remember is that things will always get better, In Shaa Allah.

How do you cope when you’re having a rough day?

1 Week Mary x


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