What’s A ‘1 Weeker’ Then?

I’ve had this blog for just over a year and a half and I’ve never really shared the whole purpose behind it. Well that’s a lie, I actually did on my About page and I shared what a ‘1 Weeker’ is on the first post that was a…well, a 1 Weeker. But surely it would make more sense to direct people to a page completely dedicated to explaining what a ‘1 Weeker’ is when they asked. Right? (I bet you’re sick of hearing the term 1 Weeker now!)

So, yeah, Essentially, the whole purpose behind my blog is that I wanted to do things every other week and write about them. I thought this would be perfect for me as I like trying all kinds of different things and want to do a bit of everything. And by everything, I mean everythi – I mean most things. Lol. I guess that also explains what a 1 Weeker is then; it’s when I do something for a week and then write about it here on the old blog, hence the name 1 Week Mary.

I’ve done a few so far, like 1 Week To Master Pinterest, Being Vegetarian For A Week and a few more. You can see all the 1 Weekers I’ve done so far by checking out the 1 Weeker category from the dropdown menu at the top or by clicking here. Oh, of course, the most recent one I did was A Week Of Daily Blogging, which I loved.

If you have any ideas for 1 Weekers you’d like to see me do, please do let me know either in the comments below, or on Twitter/Instagram or even email me – however you decide to let me know, just be sure to let me know!

I know this is only a short post but it’s one that I felt needed writing, so here it is.

I hope you’re all having a great week!

Until next time,

1 Week Mary x


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