My Favourite Free App For Scheduling Instagram Posts

Instagram, Instagram, Instagram. It might not be in your good books at the moment, and you might already be calling it Snapchat number 2, but chances are that you’re still using it. And that’s where this post comes in. This post will especially be handy if you’re a blogger or use Instagram for work, as scheduling posts is something that you might have to do at some point. I used to use scheduling apps to schedule tweets all the time (well, mostly just the one app), and have also been using some apps to schedule my Instagram posts recently, however there’s one that completely stood out to me, which I’ll be sharing here. I hope this comes in handy!

Now, of the three apps that I was using to schedule Instagram posts beforehand, this is the only one I have left, as it demanded I delete the other two – okay, in reality I realised I only needed this one. Just in case you’re wondering, the three apps I used to schedule Instagram posts before were:

In third place: Buffer (it’s my absolute favourite for scheduling tweets though!). In second place: Later. And the winner, of the Great British Bake Off 2017 – crap, I mean Instagram app scheduler 2017 – is Planoly.


Planoly is my absolute favourite app for scheduling both pictures and videos to Instagram, and I’ve literally been using it every single day.. One of the things I love is that you get to ‘plan’ your Instagram theme, as you can see your posts side by side when you upload them to the app. But that’s not even the best part. The app lets you move the posts around, too, so you can see what looks better where. This feature literally saves so much time as you don’t have to keep uploading then deleting posts to see what looks better where, you can just move them around! Aah. I love it.

You can also schedule Instagram stories and can upload multiple posts in one, too (you know what I mean, the ‘multiple post’ newish feature on Instagram).


It also shows existing posts that are already uploaded to your Instagram, so you can upload posts to Planoly straight away and see whether they fit in with your existing theme. As you can see in the picture above, posts that are unscheduled are marked with a ‘U’ in the top left corner and this changed to an ‘S’ when they have been scheduled.


The pictures with no marking are the ones that have already been posted to Instagram. But you’ll already know that if you follow me *wink wink*. The only possible downside is that the free version of the app has a 30 post limit per month, however, that should be okay if you post once a day and on the first day of the next month, you have 30 more uploads available.

Another thing I love is that when you’re captioning your posts, ready to be scheduled, when you enter a hashtag and start typing, hashtags are suggested, just like they are on Instagram. The app also counts how many hashtags you’ve used and lets you know how many you have left to use from the 30 hashtag limit.

Note that none of the apps mentioned in this post will actually post to Instagram for you, they’ll pop up with a reminder when it’s time to post and you have to then just ‘copy to Instagram’ and manually upload.


As I said, I’ve been using Planoly every single day, and 30 posts just wasn’t enough, so I ended up upgrading to the ‘Solo’ plan, which pretty much lets you do all the same things but there’s no limit to how many posts you can upload to the app. I paid for the 3 month version, so in that time, hopefully I can plan ahead with my theme and might not even need to renew the plan and can go back to the free one. For now though, I’d say I’m happy with the Solo plan as I don’t need to worry about watching how many posts I can upload and can edit and change my feed as much as I want.

And that’s my favourite app for scheduling Instagram posts! I’d definitely recommend downloading it and trying it out and, you never know, it might become your new favourite, too.

Thank you for reading.

Have you used Planoly before? If not, which is your favourite Instagram scheduling app?

1 Week Mary x


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