Toro’s Steakhouse Review (Halal)

On Monday, my sister and I went to Toro’s Steakhouse in Bolton. There’s one in Manchester which both of my siblings have been to before, however I’ve never been. The franchise only opened in Bolton last September.

Let me start by saying that Toro’s Steakhouse is a Halal Steakhouse, that also sells burgers etc and you can check out the full menu here.

The steakhouse opened at 5pm and we got there for 5:01 so thankfully didn’t have to spend any time waiting around as we were literally the first ones in there. Once we got there, we were seated in a booth – I know I always say it but I love booths, they just create such a cosy atmosphere. The interior decor as a whole was gorgeous – I took a few pictures that I know will most definitely be up on my Instagram soon (probably tomorrow as they fit in well with tomorrow’s blog post).



We both ended up ordering the same thing, and here was our order:

Chicken sizzler, which we chose to have mild. The steaks came with our choice of sauce and two sides. We both chose peppercorn sauce and pasta and chips. I also ordered a Strawberry Daiquiri mocktail. Now, talking about the mocktail; it was huge. It was gorgeous. And it was delicious.

Our drinks arrived first, and were shortly followed by the steaks. I have to say the steaks arrived pretty quickly and were actually sizzling as they reached us. Once everything had arrived, of course, I took all my pictures #bloggerlife. And once that was done, we dug in.

The peppercorn sauce was quite hot but really, really nice, and the steak just tasted delicious. On the menu it’s described as a ‘butterfly fillet, flame grilled & served sizzling’ and that’s exactly what it was so it didn’t disappoint! I don’t know what else to say about the steak, to be honest. I mean, a big slab of chicken, right in front of you, ready to eat, like what’s there not to like?! *heart eyes* The chips were just your standard chips, and I have to say that both of our least favourite things about the meal was the pasta. It didn’t taste particularly bad or anything, it was normal tomato pasta and was just the thing we liked the least.

Neither of us could finish our meal as there was so much to eat. It was really filling and we ended up getting the pasta and leftover chips packed to take out – see what I mean, it couldn’t have tasted that bad or we wouldn’t have brought it home! I couldn’t even finish the mocktail as it was so big, so had as much as I could and then left the rest – yes, it broke my heart to do that, but I guess that’s just what you gotta do sometimes. *sheds tear*

And that was my first time at Toro’s Steakhouse! The food was delicious, the service was great and we left happy, so I’d definitely recommend going if you’re ever in Bolton and fancy some food – after 5 though, remember!

One thing I would advise if you’re thinking of going is to have cash ready as the Toro’s Steakhouse in Bolton doesn’t accept card payments. But if you do end up going with no cash, don’t worry as there’s a cash machine just around the corner next to the post office.

Thank you for reading!

Don’t forget I’m daily blogging this week, so be sure to come back tomorrow for another post.

Until tomorrow,

1 Week Mary x



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