10 Minute Blog Post #3: An Update

By now, you know the drill. I set myself 10 minutes to write about whatever and then press publish. You can read my existing 10 minute blog posts here and here.

10 minutes on the clock, starting………NOW.

Heeeeey everyone – okay I’ve already done the intro, haven’t I? Anyway, I haven’t been posting consistency for a whileeeee, but I’ve decided that I’m going to stop that and this time I mean properly stop posting inconsistently. There’ll be a new post on the blog every Monday and Thursday and I mean every (hopefully!) But for this week only, I’m going to be daily blogging, yayyyyyyy.

Seeing as I want to ‘ease’ my way back into blogging, I thought this would be the perfect way and I’ll have lots of new content up too. Also, in August of last year, my blog got the most views it’s ever gotten so I’m thinking maybe – just maybe – this August we can top that. What do you think? I think challenge accepted! So yeah, be sure to come back every day this week for a new post…please?

On a separate note, I can’t believe how quickly time’s going! We’re in August already like whaaaat? I was supposed to be going to the gym every day in the Summer but I guess that went down the drain…To be fair, I was going quite often but then I got ill for a week and after that I just stopped. I’m hoping to go today though – if I wake up on time! It’s currently 1:40am on the day that this post will be published (7th August), so I’d better get to sleep soon or the gym will definitely be a no go for me as I’m only free in the morning.

But yeah, I have a 1 Weeker planned for this week, too. I haven’t done one for literally agesssss and this one’s quite exciting, so hopefully you should see that up soon! I’ll give you a tiny clue: it involves makeup. That’s the only clue you’re getting!

Oh, I recently published my 100th post as well! It’s mad that I’ve actually written and published over 100 posts. Damn. I was going to write an actual post titled ‘my 100th post’ and list some things I’ve achieved in my blogging journey, but instead I ended up posting a different post – I think it may have been my graduation guest outfit?

I’ve almost reached 1000 followers on Instagram, too, so if you’re not following already, feel free to do so! Aw man now comes the time where my mind goes blank and I don’t know what to say…

I’m really, really nervous and excited to enter third year this September in shaa Allah, like my whole time at university has just flown by and I kinda want it to slow down. It see – 10 minutes are up my friendsssssss.

I really enjoyed writing that, I definitely think I’m keeping the whole ’10 minute blog post’ series, they’re just so fun to write. It’s also nice to just do a little update so I can share what I’ve been up to whilst also just reflecting and thinking about what I’ve actually been up to.

I really hope you enjoyed reading & I’ll see you tomorrow!

What’s the most memorable thing you’ve done in the last few weeks?


1 Week Mary x


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