Mental Health & She

I’m just going to let this poem speak for itself. I hope you enjoy reading.

She does not know she has control over her thoughts

She does not remember that those in her mind are not hers,

Those thoughts are only on holiday

They are not there to stay

She can rid them

She can be rid of them

She can put her own thoughts

In their place.

But nobody knows but her.

She feels no control in her mind

As her mind but plays tricks on her

So she shakes her arms

She moves around

She silently does any actions

Because this is her way of reminding herself

That she is in control

She is in control.

Maybe not yet in control of her thoughts

But this girl is working on it.

She is in control.

She will be in control.

Thank you for reading! As with all my poetry (and all poetry in general), the words all come together to tell a story but, at the same time, share a message in a powerful way (which is why I love poetry so much!) & I hope that this comes across.

If you’re suffering with any mental health disorder, I just want to let you know that this poem is for you, too. These thoughts are only on holiday & are not there to stay; you are in control. We’re all in the process of being fixed & the process of healing, so just trust Allah & keep moving forward. You’re going to be okay.

Until next time,

1 Week Mary x


2 thoughts on “Mental Health & She

  1. Such a lovely post about mental health. I suffer with anxiety myself and know how hard it can be to retain control of your mind at times.

    Your poetry is beautiful x

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