Manchester, Our Home

You never expect these kinds of things to happen in your hometown – in your home. It’s heartbreaking to see what happened in Manchester & that so many lives were lost, especially those of young children – of babies.

When things like this happen in your home, it makes it that much scarier and that much more real. I can’t stop thinking about the children, the victims of the cowardly attack, and I can’t even begin to imagine how their families and friends are feeling. Different people deal with things in different ways, and I express myself best through words and writing, so I thought I’d write a poem.

Sorrow, sadness, heartbreak and disbelief

Lives lost,

Innocence, vulnerability and children preyed upon

Heartbreak, heartbreak, devastation.

Coming together, remembering,

Loving, uniting, remembering,

Mancunian strength, Mancunian love

Mancunians uniting

The world uniting

For home,

For our home.

Remembering, grieving, respecting, loving

Manchester, our home.

The victims,

Their families, their friends, their colleagues, their neighbours

Grieving, mourning, hurting, remembering.

Manchester, our beloved home.

Mancunians, our strength, our support, our family.

Standing together, side by side, loving,


Manchester, where the spirit is kind,

The people are friendly,

The community is one.

Manchester, our home,

Mancunians, our family.

Even these words don’t seem powerful enough, but please, look past the words, look at the meaning behind them. I really don’t know what to say.

It’s moments like these that we have to stick together. We are so much greater than this evil & evil will never win.

I have so, so many thoughts in my head but I don’t know how to say them. Some people are evil, some people can be so evil. They want to divide us, they want us to fight, they want to fill our hearts with hatred but they will never win. They attack children, they attack adults, they attack everyone, they don’t care who anyone is or what they look like, they attack our humanity, but they’ll never know the love and acceptance that we do.

Lots and lots of love & peace,

1 Week Mary x


4 thoughts on “Manchester, Our Home

  1. This is such a moving and heartwarming post, the poem particularly showing the true sense of community within Manchester and the sense of never giving up no matter how hard everything gets. You’ve captured the sense of pride, kindness, commitment and family extremely well.

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