Alone…Or Lonely? A Poem

black door

Eviction my last hope

Loneliness my final friend;

They but closed their doors on me

As I loitered, at first

But then made my way away

From those cobbles,

From their happiness; their warmth

I wished for no encounters

And my wishes were unfortunately delivered


I had no contact

No meetings

No interaction

Of any kind;

Not human, nor alien.

Just me.


I haven’t posted a poem in a whiiiiile & I’ve been meaning to, so here you go, I guess! I know it’s short but once my exams are over (by tomorrow, hopefully!), you’ll be seeing more posts from me. Be patient, friends!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

1 Week Mary x


One thought on “Alone…Or Lonely? A Poem

  1. This is beautiful omg. I didn’t even know you wrote poems, but this one I could somewhat relate to. Aw, so simple yet deep. I love this! (Also, I may or may not be binge reading your posts whoops!)

    Sami Xx

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