Afternoon Tea At Cloud 23


I’m a poet and I did know it. Haha.

After wanting to go to the Hilton Hotel’s Cloud 23 for afternoon tea for ages, my friend and I finally decided to go. Everything from the interior to the food was just gorgeous and we took lots of pictures on the day, so I thought I’d share them here with you guys.

We had the Vegetarian Traditional Afternoon Tea, which comprised of a handful of sweet treats, including lemon meringues, chocolate brownies and more and some savoury foods, which included cheese and onion sandwiches and more. There was also scones with jam and clotted cream.



Included in the afternoon tea was our choice of either tea, coffee or hot chocolate and we both decided to have the White Hot Chocolate which tasted absolutely delicious. It really tasted like that Milky Bar chocolate that we all loved as kids.


Overall, it tasted delicious, however the view wasn’t as nice as it could have been, really, as the sun was barely out. Also, because of the fact that we went at around 2pm, of course it would have been so much better if we had gone when the sun was setting. Man. Can you imagine how nice that would have looked?!

And that was our experience at Cloud 23! It was such a nice afternoon and we both had a great time just catching up and eating/drinking away. Ooh and taking pictures, too. So if you’re in Manchester and fancy a catch up with a friend, I’d definitely recommend coming but if it’s the view you’re after then you’re best off coming when the sun’s setting – or at least when the sun’s out!

Thanks for reading! Have you ever been to Cloud 23 before? If not, where’s the best place you’ve had afternoon tea?

For more pictures of our time at Cloud 23, check out my Instagram as there are quite a few up!

Until next time,

1 Week Mary x


37 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea At Cloud 23

  1. You documented this so well, the pictures are so perfect, I literally feel like I’m right there with the food in front of me. I actually wish I was because with that set up and those views what a perfect little afternoon 🙂

    xo, JJ

  2. I saw the hot chocolate on your Instagram, it looks so delicious! Shame Cloud 23 is all the way in Manchester but if I go there at some point I’ll be sure to check it out! The views look amazing!

    1. It really was delicious & Cloud 23 has the most instagrammable stuff, from food/drink to decor, which made me so happy lol! If you’re in Manchester is definitely recommend it! When you do, I can’t wait to hear about it xx

  3. This place looks amazinggg. That White Hot Chocolate drink looks DELICIOUS! So jealous. I don’t really have a specified place I go to for afternoon tea.. I really like going to Starbucks though for all things tea & coffee related! Overpriced, but good. haha

    1. It really was, if you’re ever in the area then I’d recommend it! I’ve only been to Starbucks a couple of times, I usually just go to Costa lol xx

  4. Ohhh this looks like such a yummy afternoon tea! My boyfriend and I love treating ourselves to afternoon tea! That such a nice idea that you can have hot chocolate instead of tea or coffee! Great that they had a vegetarian option too!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

    1. It really was yummy! I’d definitely recommend going if you’re in the area, I look forward to hearing about your experience if you do decide to go! And definitely, they made sure we were all catered to xx

  5. All the food looks so good omg, we should go for afternoon tea somewhere in London one day! & shame that the weather wasn’t better but next time i’A😊 💗

  6. Your pictures are perfect! Did you use a phone or a camera? I always feel a bit embarassed to get my dslr camera out in a quiet restaurant or cafe because of the sound of the shutter. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed reading this post and I hope I’d have a tea there someday! x Ain

    1. Thank you, I definitely had a lot to work with! And they were all taken on my iPhone 6s but I get what you mean about bent embarrassed to take your camera out. However, I’m sure it would be fine, except for maybe a few looks haha! I’m actually looking for a camera, which one do you use & would you recommend it? I have abs no idea which is any good! And if you do go, I look forward to hearing about your experience xx

  7. Wait, is this place only in Manchester? Omg everything looks so good and honestly, I would be having a right old photoshoot for agesss! Why does food look more better than people? well, me? Anyways, the experience sounds very chill and nice aw. I would love to be there with a few friends, catching up on life and having some real good talks aw. So cute!

    Sami Xx

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