The £3 Bag That Everyone Loves


A couple of weeks ago, my brother and I went shopping. He bought an iPhone 7 and I bought a £3 bag. Says a lot, really, I guess.

So, back to the (extremely short) story. We were standing in the queue waiting to pay for some goodies (okay, you know what a queue is for) when I looked up to see loads of bags hanging right in front me, waiting for me to go and check them out. And these bags were on sale. So I quickly went over to have a look & managed to pick up this little beauty. For £3. It was originally £7 (I think) but fortunately I’d gone over to get it at just the right time. What a bargain!

I pretty much wear it all the time now & I absolutely love it – there’s no way you can tell that it was £3! Everyone else seems to love it too, which is why I thought I may as well write a post on it. So if anyone’s interested, you can go on over, pick it up for yourself and get your own little bargain.

Now, I guess it’s time to answer the most important question: where exactly did I manage to pick up this little (big) bargain? The answer is Primark. I picked up a few more things, too, but this bag could be one of my favourites, as I wear it pretty much every day.

It’s a great size cross body bag, so you can grab it and stick your purse and your phone in and head out for some shopping or wherever it is you’re going. It’s a great bag to take pretty much anywhere – unless you’re off to uni and need to fit your laptop, 7 textbooks and – okay, slight exaggeration but you get what I mean. I find the pattern so cute, too, and it’s the perfect way to add a little pop of colour to a plain/dark outfit.

To see more pictures of this cute little bag in action, head over to my Instagram. I’m not kidding, it’s appeared in almost every single one of my recent posts. So, yeah! That’s it for now, but if you like the look of this bag, then head over to the nearest Primark – but hurry, it might already have sold out!

Thank you for reading. What’s the biggest bargain you’ve ever received?


1 Week Mary x


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