April Goals Of A Student Blogger

It’s April already?! Man, time is flying. It literally feels like I blink and another day has gone by. It’s crazy.

Seeing as I haven’t done a monthly goals post in a while, I thought now would be the perfect time to get one up – as well as to actually think about what I want to achieve this month. So without further ado, here are my university & blog goals for April:


  • Post at least once a week every week
  • Do at least 2 1 Weekers
  • Post every day on Instagram
  • Grow my Instagram – seeing as I’m almost at 700 followers, I want to be really ambitious and aim for 900 by the end of April. Can we do it? I think so!
  • Start using Twitter more and be consistent on Twitter
  • Schedule more posts (social media & blog posts)
  • Maybe even start using Pinterest frequently again
  • Here’s a bit of a wild one – let’s try & make April the month that 1weekmary gets the highest views it’s ever gotten – challenge accepted.


  • Revise for my exams
  • Go and see my seminar leader (at least once) for guidance on my final assignment
  • Plan, start and finish most of my final essay
  • Do an Instagram takeover of my university’s English department’s Instagram (now that’s a mouthful)
  • Go to every single one of my remaining lectures & seminars – let’s be honest, this is probably the hardest one, but I have to do it! Okay, I only have 6 more days of lectures and seminars, so it’s not that hard, but still…
  • Make the most of London and have lots of fun with my friends before I go home for the holidays
  • Go to at least one more event/workshop before the end of the semester
  • Submit my dissertation proposal (this one’s last because it includes the word ‘dissertation’ which I’d rather not think about until third year tbh)

And those are my uni & blog goals for April. Thank you for reading!

What’s your biggest goal this month?

1 Week Mary x


8 thoughts on “April Goals Of A Student Blogger

  1. Great goals here! I’m sure you’ll reach them! My goals for April are to focus on blog growth, I’m developing new projects which is also exciting! Also, focusing on schoolwork!
    By the way, you mentioned wanting to grow your Instagram following, I just had to mention, yesterday I just released my FIRST EBOOK and it completely covers an in-depth strategy on how to grow your Instagram as well as Twitter! If you’re looking for something along those lines to help you, check it out here: http://www.thinkfeelstrong.com/index.php/click-double-followers/

  2. This is great!! I love reading about goals, and I have very similar ones as a uni double major and blogger! 🙂 I wish you all the best and I know you will do amazingly!

    xx Alyssa

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