A Week In The Life: Instagram Takeover

Well, I haven’t done a 1 Weeker in a while, have I? Actually that’s not 100% true as I have done ‘A Week At The Gym’, however I just need to get that typed up & posted. I definitely haven’t posted a 1 Weeker in a whileeeee though. Oh the joys of assignments and approaching exams.

Anyway, for this week’s 1 Weeker, I’ll be taking over the Instagram of my university’s English department from April 3rd to April 7th – how cool is that?! Last week the head of the department Professor Alex Warwick took over & I’m not even gonna lie, I literally found that so cool. I mean, the head of the whole department doing an Instagram takeover? Like whaaaat? Some of the stuff she posted genuinely cracked me up. Check Exhibit A:


Source: Instagram

As I’m part of the English department’s social media team, I’ve been posting quite a bit on Twitter anyway but I haven’t been using the Instagram account much, so it’ll be good to get creative & post on there for a few days. The Instagram account was made quite recently, say just over a month ago, so it’s fairly new but that’s kinda good, I guess, as it’s the perfect time to build it up and add lots and lots of pictures.

I’ll mainly be sharing what it’s like to be a student at my university/at university in London in general, what I get up to both in & out of lectures & seminars, my route to uni, what I do in my spare time & all that kinda stuff, so be sure to give it a follow here:

University of Westminster English Department Instagram

I’m really looking forward to it, it’ll be good fun!

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re just about to start uni this year, want to know more about studying in London or just want to see a week in the life of a student blogger, go give it a follow now, I won’t disappoint (well I’ll try not to)! I’d really appreciate it.

Ooh and if you fancy giving me a little follow too, you’re more than welcome to *wink wink*:

1 Week Mary Instagram

Thank you for reading (and hopefully, following!). What are your plans for the week?

1 Week Mary x


4 thoughts on “A Week In The Life: Instagram Takeover

  1. Aw that sounds like such a fun thing to partake in! I was just saying the other night how fun it would be to take over someone’s social media whether its like a company, brand, or even school and just post everything from your point of view! Really cool!

    xo, JJ

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