The Urban Chocolatier


I recently found out via Instagram that The Urban Chocolatier, a Halal dessert parlour, had opened a new branch in Ilford. Seeing as my sister was coming to stay for a couple of days, I thought it would be the perfect time for us to head on over there. Apparently, The Urban Chocolatier is extremely popular, so if you’ve been before then let me know what you thought!

I really liked the whole decor and atmosphere of the place, especially seeing as the main colour was my favourite colour, purple (props for that). The staff were also really friendly and made sure that each of our needs were catered to. We went at around 4/5pm, and once we got there it wasn’t that busy, however whilst we were tucking in to our desserts, more and more people were starting to come in.



There’s lots of seating, which is good as it means that you’re never waiting too long for a seat, even when it’s really busy. There are also lots of booths to sit in and have a natter; I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – we all love a good booth, right?



My sister ordered the triple chocolate cookie dough and I ordered the chocolate fondant and both came with ice cream. We literally received our orders within minutes of ordering, which is always a good thing – I think we can all agree that it’s such a pain when you have to wait ages for your order to arrive.




See how good they look?! I absolutely loved the ‘UC’, too (it stands for Urban Chocolatier in case you couldn’t tell!) and thought that was a really cute added touch.





I know I always say this, but I definitely think mine was better. From the presentation (10/10 for being instagrammable), to the taste, everything was amazing. My fondant tasted absolutely divine, especially the hot, oozing, melting chocolate on the top, mmmmm. However, just like with anything that’s rich and chocolatey, it can get sickly. Nonetheless, I actually managed to finish it for once (even if I did take multiple breaks) and I wouldn’t have changed anything about it. The triple chocolate cookie dough was delicious, too, but for me, the fondant won.

Now I come to think of it, I wish I’d taken a picture of the aftermath, so you could see just how well I finished it!

Thank you to the team at Urban Chocolatier Ilford for being so hospitable and for the delicious desserts (that alliteration, tho). And that was our experience at The Urban Chocolatier! Have you been before? If not, have I tempted you enough to give it a try? I know I’ll be heading back very soon!

(As well as Ilford, there are also branches in Bradford, Whitechapel and Upton Park, so if you live near any of those areas, it’s definitely worth popping by.)


1 Week Mary x


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