Blogosphere Magazine Issue 12 Cover Reveal & Giveaway

On Wednesday, I received an email saying that I had won tickets to the Blogosphere Magazine Cover Reveal for Issue 12, starring Dina Tokio as the cover person (*screams inside 3 times*). On Thursday, I took my friend Rumaanah, who is also a blogger, and off we went. And it was amazing. We got to speak to amazing brands, both new ones that I hadn’t heard of before & those that I had had the pleasure of meeting before, as well as amazing bloggers and the team at Blogosphere who was also, you guessed it, amazing! (No, but for real, they really are.) When I found out that I had won tickets, I was absolutely over the moon (as you can imagine)!

The event was held at Loft Studios, and there were a few brands there, along with entertainment by singer El Sam, drinks, snacks and of course, lots and lots of bloggers.


The first brand we got chatting to was So Fragrance, who held their own fab event last week in collaboration with Jewellery Box, for the launch of their new Body Mist collection. Now, at the Blogosphere Cover Reveal, I found out that they had just launched yet another new collection – they are on fire! They have just launched their new fragrance collection, which is exclusive to Superdrug, and my favourite has to be Dark Romance, as it smells incredible. It was nice to get chatting to the So Fragrance team again, and we were given some goodies to take home (some of which may even be given to the giveaway winner as extra prizes, hint hint – but more on that later).

Another brand that was there was Janina Teeth Whitening, who are also the owners of Natural World & it turns out that I had met both of the lovely reps before at the Bloggers Festival (it’s such a small world!) I received some goodies from them, which I cannot wait to try out. Other brands were Noughty Haircare, who have products that are 97% natural as well as having a ‘Hero’ range, to fix damaged hair, which will be really useful for me as my hair definitely needs a little TLC, and a clinic that specialises in laser hair removal, acne scar removal etc, which I’ll hopefully be mentioning once again here on the blog sometime soon. All of the brands gave us info about their products & were so friendly to talk to.


I got to meet the woman herself Dina, too, and she was genuinely so approachable and kind. One of the things I loved was that she was so down-to-earth and was actually willing to have a proper conversation with us. Plus, she’s even prettier in real life!


Now let’s be honest, at some events, there are certain people that aren’t willing to talk to others because of whatever reason, but at the Cover Reveal there was not one single person that thought that they were above anyone, everyone was so genuinely easy to talk to and I got to meet some bloggers for the first time & others that I had met before, which is always so much fun. The singer El Sam had a great voice & once again, was so approachable and easy to talk to.

It was really nice to see that so many people had come to support Dina, including Zukreat, a makeup artist and Founder of Artist of Makeup Cosmetics, who is another inspiration to me. As a Muslim woman myself, it’s inspiring to see Muslim women, especially those wearing the hijab, being respected & looked up to, especially at times like these, as it is definitely needed. In her interview in the magazine, Dina gets real and talks about what it’s like being a hijabi blogger and my favourite quote of the interview has to be this one:

“I wanted to get out there and show what being a young British female Muslim meant – because we’ve got the bants” – Dina Tokio

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I’d just like to thank Blogosphere for giving me the opportunity to attend such a fab event, it is clear that the team work incredibly hard to get different voices heard and they really are a magazine that are for bloggers, by bloggers. I’ve just read issue 12 of the magazine & I have to say that I absolutely love it! They mention so many bloggers, and share their journeys, as well as so many helpful tips about apps to download, and just lots more. It’s nice to see bloggers getting recognition for their hard work, as some people don’t understand just how much effort blogging actually requires.

And that was my experience at the Blogosphere Magazine Cover Reveal, thank you for reading!

Have you heard of Blogosphere Magazine before? You can subscribe to the magazine here.

Now, on to the giveaway!

I’ll be giving away 7 Body Mists from the new So… Body Mist range, along with some Skinfix goodies, and maybe even some little extras.

1 Week Mary Giveaway

All you have to do to enter is click the above link and follow the instructions.

T & C’s:

  • UK only.
  • Giveaway ends on March 27th.
  • Must enter through the above link, as the giveaway is being held on Raffecopter.
  • Winner must be following me on either Twitter or Instagram (both @1weekmary), so I can DM them.
  • Within 24 hours of being notified that they have won, the winner must provide their details, otherwise I will have to pick another winner.

Good luck!

1 Week Mary x


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