This is what we call revision kids

A few weeks ago, I broke up from uni for the holidays and I realised that I’m now halfway through my time at uni (assuming everything goes according to plan). I only have a few months left of second year & then BAM third year will be right around the corner & before I know it, that will be over, too. I thought this would be the perfect time to reflect on my time at university so far.

I’ve met so many different types of people – people from different cultures & backgrounds & countries & people that are studying different things. I absolutely love meeting people & finding out more about them & their backgrounds. I was a mentor for a girl from China & my friend had an Egyptian girl in her lesson who I met; there are people with Mauritian backgrounds, and Arabic and American – it’s just so diverse!

Along with meeting different kinds of people, I’ve also gotten to meet so many like-minded people. At home in Manchester, I was never really exposed to that many people who liked writing like me, however now I’m doing an English Literature course, I’ve gotten the chance to meet so many people that are like-minded and are interested in the things I am, too.

This next one is probably a result of growing older, as well, but I think I’ve become more honest, both with myself and other people. I’ve learnt that honesty is the best policy, although it may seem hard at times, it is always worth it in the end. Of course, there are limits, like you don’t need to spill someone else’s secret when its really none of your business.

I feel like I’ve become more independent because, although I don’t live on my own, I’ve had to do a lot more for myself than I would if I was living at home. I’ve had to get used to a completely new city (a very busy city, too) and find my way around and just venture off in a place that I didn’t really know before I came. And that’s one of the main reasons I’m glad I didn’t go to uni in Manchester, because I never would have gotten the chance to actually go and see what it’s like to live and study in somewhere like London.

I also feel like I’ve become more open minded. I’d say I’ve always been quite open minded, however I’m becoming even more and I’m allowing different concepts in that maybe I wouldn’t have before.

I feel like I’m happier being myself. This isn’t just a result of university, but it definitely helped. I think due to starting a blog, growing older and starting university as well as other factors, I’ve become more content in actually being unapologetically me.

I’ve started seeing things from different perspectives & have understood that every single person sees things from different perspectives. For example, if I held a painting up, so many people would see different things, that I may not have necessarily seen in it. I honestly find that so interesting, like how cool is that?!

As you may know, I’m studying a degree in English Literature & one of the things I’ve learnt – especially in second year – is that it’s NOT just books and plays and Shakespeare. So far, I’ve absolutely loved this year, we’ve studying so many different things, from slavery, to the Holocaust, memories & how they’re made, imagination vs madness & the fine line between the two – there’s just SO much from psychology to history to philosophy & it’s just so interesting!

Now although I’m loving my course so much, I’m also scared to leave as the time has, and still is, flying by & I know that the rest of it will, too. In that time, I want to make the most of it. I really want to put the effort & the work in and do well. I want to utilise the help offered by teachers & achieve the best possible grade I can. I know I need to work hard but I want to, I just want to make the most of my time at uni, as I’ve learnt so much, not just in my course, but also about myself & pretty much everything. I’ve made amazing friends that I really hope will be in my life for a lot longer even after uni has finished. We all support each other, in assignments & in real life & we’re all entering this whole adulthood thing together. I’ve also stayed in contact with my childhood friends, which just shows that even though we’re all doing our own thing, we’re still a big part of each other’s lives & I hope we will be forever.

So, yeah! So far, I’m loving my time at university & I hope that the next half of it will be even better.

Thank you for reading!

Are you at university? How are you finding it?

1 Week Mary x


2 thoughts on “HALFWAY THROUGH UNI

  1. I loved uni for the exact same reasons! Uni made me so independent and I absolutely loved meeting new people from different backgrounds. I graduated 4 years ago, I actually miss uni! Haha glad you like it! Xx

  2. I love being put in an environment where you’re surrounded by so many different people, personalities, cultures, mindsets- its incredible what you can learn from them! It definitely helps our own personal mindsets to be more opened and accepting!

    xo, JJ

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