As we recently closed the doors of 2016, and unlocked the doors of 2017, we’ve all been reflecting on the roller coaster of a year that 2016 was. It went by so quickly and so, so much happened. I managed to do a lot last year and I had a lot of firsts, so I thought I’d share them here with you. Enjoy!

For the first time ever, in 2016 I:

  1. Went on a speedboat
  2. Met Bake off winner Nadiya Hussain
  3. Played golf
  4. Went to watch a play at the West End
  5. I created Netflix and Amazon Prime accounts
  6. This is a very recent one, but I started usingย Pinterest
  7. Fed a baby for the first time
  8. Went for a massageimg_0795
  9. Participated in my first ever Secret Santa
  10. Watched Tangled
  11. Went to Carnaby street
  12. Had a brow wax from Benefit
  13. Bought a notebook from Paperchase
  14. Hosted a giveaway
  15. Won a giveaway
  16. Went to Vapianos
  17. Bought my first ever MacBook
  18. Went to M & M World
  19. Went to Nickelodeon Land
  20. Went to Hyde Park
  21. Posted my first ever YouTube video
  22. Got a gold ring
  23. Tried Lola’s Cupcakes for the first time & instantly fell in love
  24. Bought makeup from Makeup Revolution for the first time & again, instantly fell in love
  25. Went to the BBC Good Food Show
  26. Created my first ever business cards
  27. Had porridge – it only took me 20 years
  28. Used a store-bought face mask (I’ve attemptedย making and using home made ones before)
  29. Hosted an event
  30. Arranged flowers
  31. Got my makeup done professionally
  32. Had a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks
  33. Had an Orange Hot Chocolate from Costa
  34. Got an iPhone
  35. Attended a blogger event (also my first year of blogging)img_9988
  36. Tried sushi (I can’t be sure I didn’t try it on an aeroplane once though…it’s not cheating okay)
  37. First birthday of my twenties – basically I turned 20
  38. First time I did a big food shop myself
  39. As you can probably tell/may already know, it was my first proper year of living in London, which is why I got so much London-y stuff done
  40. Went to Grand Daddy’s Diner – there’s nothing like a good burger and Oreo milkshake to finish off the list, is there?


And that’s all for now! There may be some more, but these are the ones that spring to mind. As it was my first year of blogging, of course there was the whole ‘published my first blog post’ etc, but that’s a complete different post!

Thank you for reading, you absolute legend. (Don’t say I never tell you you’re a legend, like you obviously would have done if I hadn’t said it this time.)

What are some of the things you did for the first time in 2016? I’m excited to see your answers!

1 Week Mary x


11 thoughts on “FIRSTS OF 2016

  1. Cute post idea! Can’t believe how many firsts you had there!!! Is this your very first iphone?!! Do you love it? Netflix is totally necessary to have, the best $10 you’ll spend in your life LOL, okay maybe not best but definitely worth it! Where was the blogging event? Thats so cool, I want to do that but I never know where to find one!

    xo, JJ

    1. Yesss it’s my first iPhone, I’ve had it for just under a year & I definitely do love it lol! I didn’t even buy Netflix I just used the free trial tbh lol! And I’ve been to quite a few different ones, mainly in Manchester & London and have always had fun, you’ll have to check on Twitter/Google if there are any in your area, you’ll have so much fun! Xx

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