In the midst of looking for my sister’s birthday present (which is now 6 days late…) I came across a load of gorgeous watches from The Watch Shop, so I thought I’d do a little wish list, filled with the prettiest ones that caught my eye. Enjoy!


Armani Exchange Ladies’ Watch


Michael Kors Ladies’ Parker Chronograph Watch


Marc Jacobs Ladies’ Fergus Watch


Henry London Unisex Richmond Watch


Sekonda Ladies’ Watch


Coach Ladies’ Sport Watch


Limit Ladies’ Watch


Coach Ladies’ Legacy Watch

See how pretty they are?! My favourite has to be either the very first Armani Exchange watch, or the Michael Kors or Sekonda one, but to be honest, they’re all gorgeous!

Which was your favourite from the ones I’ve included?

Lots of love,

1 Week Mary x


5 thoughts on “MY WATCH SHOP WISH LIST

  1. All so pretty and I’d be happy with any of those on my wrists! Lately I’ve been into the armani exchange watches, i always thought they were more of a mens watch but ive been seeing some that have been catching my eye. Also total fan on the marc jacobs one, cant go wrong with the black band and face! Love it!

    xo, JJ

  2. I have recently became obsessed with watches. These are all so beautiful. I am definitely more of a gold person myself, and recently acquired a vintage leather watch that I have been protecting like I it is my first born child, haha. That navy and gold Coach watch may have to join my watch family!

    Ashlee Liz

    1. They’re gorgeous aren’t they! And oooh vintage leather watches sound gorgeous! I can see why you’re protecting it so much lol! Be sure to let me know if they do! Xx

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