A few days ago I was thinking of post ideas, when I came across the concept of an ‘A – Z’ post. Seeing as there are so many fun memories from my childhood that I’d love to share with you all,  I decided it would be perfect to do an ‘A – Z’ of childhood memories (which you’ll already know from the title, but…). I hope you enjoy reading!

Almost drowning my brother on a family holiday in Wales (I couldn’t swim & I decided it would be fun to get into the pool, but realised that I couldn’t actually swim, so grabbed the nearest thing to me, which was my brother, & almost pushed him down, too. Luckily, my parents quickly rescued us)

Being inside ‘big’ & then one of us, e.g., the house was either ‘big me’ or my brother/sister – yeah, it was just something we used to do and we found it hilarious! Tbh even when I think about it now & how excited we got, it still is hilarious lol! Good times

Clearly being a slow eater as I was almost always the last person eating in the hall at dinner time in primary school

Drawing on the walls with crayon & then blaming it on my brother/sister

Eating masses of cheese by going to the kitchen & rolling up slices…I’m not proud of it (it tasted amazing though ngl)

Falling out with my cousin (who is now my best friend) all the time for no real reason & then forming clubs & being friends again soon after

Going on holiday almost every year to cool places like Turkey, Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco

Hosting the school talent show in year 6 with my cousin – there were 4 of us cousins in one year & we found it sooo cool that we’d be introducing our other cousins & their act

In year 6 we thought we were the coolest kids in school because we got to sit on benches in assembly & other cool duties of year 6 included changing the lyrics on the projector & being in charge of the music in assembly time. Maaaaaan, you’d feel so cool when you got to do those (I know I did)

Jamming the laminator in primary school & almost breaking it…

Kerbcraft – I don’t actually remember it, but learning how to cross roads safely has to be important, right? (Plus, it’s hard to think of words beginning with K!)

Lying to the bedroom monitors & pretending we were asleep at Robin Wood in year 5 when we weren’t. Our room was always the last one to come down for breakfast, too #rebels

My brother, sister & I pushing each other on to the sofa & saying ‘now do you believe I’m a ninja?!’

Nearly every day in primary school in either year 4/5/6, we’d play basketball at break time & cricket at lunch time – man, we were healthy (except for that cheese overload)

Once when I was in year 4/5 my headteacher came & took me to year 6 & asked ‘shall I leave you here?’ because apparently I was too clever (oh, how things change). And I was sooo scared because I thought she was being serious

Plotting against my year 4 teacher with the head teacher & another student (my year 4 teacher was leaving to go to Australia & in his leaving assembly thing he was going to go head to head with two students – me & another girl – & be asked a load of questions about Australia. For every wrong answer there was to be a forfeit, which mainly involved eating some strange stuff. What he didn’t know was that the other girl & I had been in the head teacher’a office all day memorising the answers for the questions so we could win all those sweets & he’d have to do loads of forfeits. He must have been so surprised when we knew the answers!) Aaaah, good times.

Quentin Blake being just about the only person beginning with Q that we knew – he’d always come up when we were playing the A, B, C game where you had to name a certain thing/person beginning with each letter of the alphabet, e.g. famous people/countries

Remembering the ‘o’ in the word ‘people’ when my teacher asked me to spell it in year 2 & being so proud of myself

Shouting really loud in drama in year 8 & being so proud of myself – I was always quiet in school, but never at home, so when I shouted out loud when we were acting even my teacher was shocked that I had it in me

Taking one of the lead roles in our school play – okay, I was Mistletoe the horse, but it was the lead horse & the other kids were so jealous that they didn’t get picked

Ultimate worry of my childhood (one of them) being that I stole my sister’s pencil leads (you know, that was the thing to do back then) & I was absolutely terrified because I knew stealing was wrong & I shouldn’t have done it

Very serious one – one of my biggest worries in primary school was that when it got to Summer I’d constantly worry about where I’d put my coat the next year. Man, that would cause me stress & a half back then

Washing my dad’s computer with soap and water because we thought it looked dirty (I recruited my brother)

X amount of hours being spent watching Disney channel, Nickelodeon, Jetix, CBeebies, CBBC & all those other amazing channels. Oh, and signing up to Jetix online, playing Marapets online, going on Stardolls & dressing the dolls up – they shouldn’t have ever got rid of those shows, the kids of today are seriously missing out!

Yelling our heads off when my cousins, Aunty & I went canoeing & thought we were sinking, but really our canoe had gotten caught onto some rope or something. We were screaming for help & everyone just walked past (ikr) & we didn’t realise what had actually happened until later

Zulus coming to our primary school & doing the coolest dance ever. They even taught us how to do it later & everyone was just amazed (it was pretty great, though)

When we’re actually going through childhood it can seem like the hardest thing in the world sometimes, but in reality it’s pretty amazing.

Thanks for reading! Could you relate to any of these?

1 Week Mary x


6 thoughts on “A – Z OF CHILDHOOD MEMORIES

  1. Mary this is such an awesome post! I cant believe you were able to come up with something for every letter. The eat cheese one, no shame….I did the same thing and I still do till this day lol A… how scary but thank god for parents! my mom did that to my aunt when they were young but luckily some random stranger who happened to be walking by noticed and saved them both lol its good that you can sit here and reminisce about it since nothing tragic actually came of it! phew!

    xo, JJ

    1. Thank you so much, I’m so glad you did, that’s made me so happy! And I definitely agree, they haven’t got rid of it yet, my cousin and I were on it the other day lol! Although that was a few months ago, so it might be gone now…I’ll have to go & check! Thank you for reading xxx

    1. Honestly it was a lot of fun reminiscing and thinking back to all these memories, I’d definitely recommend it! Hahah I don’t remember it but my dad always tells me & I kept denying it after I’d done it even though he knew it was me so he just laughed it off lol! Xxx

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