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If you’re a blogger, you’ve probably seen the hashtag #bloggersxmas floating around on Twitter recently. If not, it’s basically a blogger event in London planned by two blogging sisters, Kirsty & Jasmine or @soeursdeluxe on Twitter.

So, when they were giving out tickets to the event a few days ago & I managed to win one, I was so so excited, especially as I’d seen quite a bit about it on Twitter beforehand.

Now a lot of bloggers tend to live quite far from each other, so either go to these events by themselves, take someone with them or meet up with others beforehand. Lisa, Mel, Katie, Katherine & I decided we were going to meet for a hot chocolate beforehand & then we’d go to the venue from there, but Lisa and I were both late, so met the girls at the event instead.

There were quite a few bloggers I recognised from previous events & it was so nice to get to chat with them & see them again.

Now, on to the actual event.

Upon walking in, we were given wristbands and a leaflet full of info. There was a pic n mix table, too, where I managed to grab this little beauty, as well as some other sweeties.

Anyone remember these?! These were the best back then.


There were a number of different competitions being held, from Red Letter Days to Skinfix to My Beauty Matches holding competitions with a variety of different prizes on offer.

There were quite a few brands there, including:


PNY have portable chargers, USB drives, selfie sticks – all the tech stuff we find so handy. They had a wheel which you could spin to see if you could win a prize, which looked really cool. I spun the wheel & got ‘game over’ but I then got to put on the VR headset & was instantly going up and down a rollercoaster, which was a lot of fun & had me laughing hysterically all the way through, even if it was only for 30 seconds & wasn’t an actual roller coaster. I’m pretty sure I’ll always be fascinated by Virtual Reality stuff. Always; even when it’s 2050 & it’s the norm.




I’d seen Jewellery Box at the Bloggers Festival so was already expecting to see a stunning display, and they definitely didn’t disappoint; it was gorgeous! I met the lovely Gemma & said hi & was also given the most adorable little jewellery box. I mean, let’s be honest, the peg is the cutest. Inside were some gorgeous dainty snowflake earrings & such a pretty necklace, which I can 100% see myself wearing. Jewellery Box basically sell high quality 9ct gold & sterling silver for extremely affordable prices. I’m definitely going to get my sister something from here for her birthday next month. (If you’re reading this Zed then no I’m not, you didn’t see that okay.)


Blogosphere Magazine were also there & I got to have a chat with the ladies, who were both so lovely. They asked who us bloggers would like to see interviewed in the magazine in the future and I said Louise Pentland as I abs love how she’s ‘revamping’ her YouTube/blog & making it more real.


Gia London had their pre-collection on show, which looked stunning. It’s hard to decide which bag I prefer as they all looked gorgeous, but I’d have to say either the one at the top or the bottom would be my favourite.

Miiko had some gorgeous clothes for us to have a look at, and their jumpers felt so cosy! The ladies at the stand were wearing Miiko, too, which allowed us to see what the outfits actually looked like in person. The button back dress has to be one of my absolute favourites, I absolutely adore it.

La Miela are a clothing brand which offer smart casual clothing for women; I mean, who doesn’t love dressing smart? I definitely do. They’re currently in the process of launching their new range and everything they showed us looked gorgeous, I’m definitely going to be having a browse.


Another brand I got chatting to was Type the Hype, which you should definitely go and check out. They connect bloggers with brands; it’s completely free to sign up and everything is based on the quality of your actual content and not the number of followers you have, so it’s ideal for those of us without tons of followers. They were also giving out blog planners and sticky notes, which are going to be so useful for me! Let’s be honest, planners are the most exciting thing ever, there’s nothing like getting yourself organised, is there? #Nerd.

Joe Browns, Sheena Bulsara and JournoLink were also other brands I got chatting with, just to name a few. There were lots more fab brands; for a complete list, click here.

Once we’d had a look round, got some Coke & chatted with brands & bloggers, it was time to go home. We were given goody bags & made our way down to the nearest station.

So, we’d finished for the day, I thought. I was on the train home just tweeting away when suddenly I got a tweet saying that I’d won the Skinfix hamper(!) so had to go back to the venue to pick that up.


By the time I was home, I was completely knackered & just sweating (ew, I know) from carrying all the goodies around London. The hamper was pretty heavy, not that I’m complaining! I’m so excited to try out the products and share my thoughts on them, they all sound so good!

Because I took soo many pictures, I’ve created a little slideshow below with pictures of the event itself & all the brands:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And that was it! Everyone I spoke to was so lovely and the brand representatives were so nice to chat to. I got talking to new bloggers who I’d never met before and bloggers who I already know & love. It’s so funny when you go to a blogger event & are chatting & getting social media details, only to see that you’re already following each other, and that’s what keeps happening!

We received some fab goodies; as you can tell, the brands were all really generous & I’m excited to review some of the products. Thank you to all the brands & to Kirsty & Jasmine for hosting such a great event, here’s to the next one!

I also covered the event & went through the goody bag on my Snapchat OneWeekMary, so be sure to add me for random behind the scene blogger stuff & events.

Thank you for reading!

What’s your favourite brand from the ones I’ve mentioned?

Lots of love,

1 Week Mary x



8 thoughts on “#BLOGGERSXMAS 2016

  1. What a fun event! Now I really need to come to London. I wish I could find blogger events such as this around my area, that’d be so cool. It looks like you took away some neat little gifts, glad you had such a great time!

    xo, JJ

  2. Nice to read that review, thanks for your kind words about PNY! Glad you appreciated the VR headset. The whole event was so really great, even for us to meet so many nice bloggers! Too bad you got Game Over on the wheel though 😦

  3. This sounds like such a fun blogging event and I love that you met up with other bloggers for hot chocolate before – it’s such a staple in winter ☺️ Jewellery Box seem to have some really lovely things and they seem perfect ideas for a present! Thank you for sharing this! xx

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