Now,  I know I’ve been kinda absent here recently, but I promise you I do have posts written up, they just need to be edited & published. It’s hard blogging whilst staying on top of uni work! *sighs* I’m planning to have a brand new YouTube video up this week for you guys, along with an ultimate birthday giveaway, too, all of which you’ll be able to see the behind the scenes for on my snapchat.

Now, on to this post. Starting from Monday (tomorrow), I’m going to be snapchatting all day everyday for the whole week, so be sure to follow me on Snapchat OneWeekMary to see what I’m up to. I thought this would be good as my next 1 Weeker, as it’s doable while I have uni, it’ll motivate me to be as productive as possible, and you guys can also check out what I’m up to, if that sounds even remotely interesting to anyone. (It does sound interesting…right? *nervously looks around*)

Along with the BTS of my YouTube video & giveaway, it’s my birthday on Wednesday (wahoooo) & I’m off somewhere exciting this weekend…so who knows what you’ll see.

Basically, for daily snippets of a student blogger in London going on about random things whilst eating cake and just a whole load of randomness in general, you know what to do. And I think you should do it. *wink wink*

Snapchat – Oneweekmary

Happy snapping!

If you want to find me elsewhere, feel free to check out my:

Twitter – 1weekmary

Instagram – 1weekmary

Brand new Youtube channel – here

1 Week Mary x


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