Last week, I was kindly invited (by none other than myself) to go to the KitKat Chocolatory in Westfield Stratford – basically I came across the #KitKatChocolatory hashtag on Twitter and was fascinated, so just had to go.

The KitKat Chocolatory is a pop up store in Westfield Stratford, where you can – wait for it – design your own personalised KitKat and then watch it get made. I know right?!

Let me start by saying that the inside of the store is gooorgeous. When you see stacks upon stacks of KitKats, what even can you do except gasp?

You get a whole 8 bars of KitKatty goodness, in either white, milk, or dark chocolate, with any three toppings of your choice, from the list below. There’s all kinds of toppings, from desiccated coconut to dried raspberries to salted caramel chunks to mini marshmallows.


I chose the white chocolate with two toppings: chocolate brownie crumbs and salted caramel chunks. I’m extremely picky when it comes to food (sometimes – other times I’ll eat anything tbh), so thought it best to get 2 toppings I was sure of, rather than getting an extra one and risk ruining the whole thing. Hooray for adventure(!)

You even get to watch the behind the scenes and see how your KitKat is really made while watching all the toppings being added on, too.


Once you’ve decided what you want inside your KitKat, you get to customise the packaging, which makes it the perfect gift. Even if it’s a gift for yourself, hey, there’s no judging here! (Mainly because that’s exactly what I did, so, you know.) You can enter your own/someone else’s name and then get to choose a cute little slogan from several options, like ‘Totally Deserve This’ or simply ‘Made In London’. You get to choose the actual packaging from a number of designs and, as you can see, I chose this black and gold diamond design.


On the whole, the KitKat tasted absolutely delicious, though I wouldn’t recommend having it all in one go, as it’s too much and can get sickly, as any sweet thing can if you have too much – well, for me, anyway. The best thing is that, as it was freshly made, there was extra chocolate around it, so it tasted twice as good, with extra, thick chocolate. Mmmmmmm. Did I mention that you get a cute little bag with it, too?

I’d definitely recommend getting a customised KitKat if you’re in London, whether it’s for yourself or for a special someone, there’ll be smiles all around when you not only get your name on a KitKat box, but also get to design and devour your very own customised KitKat.

But hurry, as it’s only open until the 8th November!

And that was my visit to the KitKat Chocolatory, thank you for reading!

What would your ideal KitKat consist of?

My customised KitKat

1 Week Mary x



    1. Hahaha it tasted even better than it looked! They’re closed now😩but next time they’re here, definitely check it out, you won’t regret it! Thanks for reading lovely xx

    1. It really was, I think the fact that you could customise it & personalise it is so much fun, even if you’re not a massive fan of kitkat. Also, as there were so many topping flavours you may have converted to the biggest kitkat fan ever lol! Thanks for reading lovely xx

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