I found some thought provoking questions online, made some more up and I decided to ask myself them and share my answers. Here goes:

What is my most valuable skill?

I think my most valuable skill would be…ermmm…I don’t know, aren’t all skills valuable? I guess my most valuable skill would probably be the ability to think of new and different ideas. Is that really valuable, I hear you ask? Yep, it really is. This question’s weird as it doesn’t give me any extra information, like in what situation/what context the skill would be valuable in, like in a job situation/with family etc.

What is my dream job?

When I was younger, I never really knew the answer to this, but all I knew was that I liked writing. I’ve always wanted to be an author and still do, but being a blogger full time and doing 1 Weekers every single week would be amazing too, or a job that involves helping people – something that involves making a (positive) impact on people’s lives and helping them would be perfect. Wow, it’s weird because I don’t think I’ve ever just sat and thought about this question before, tbh…strange, huh?

What 3 things do I need to change about myself?

Sometimes I get really impatient (number 1) and easily annoyed (number 2) – less than I used to, but I think I need to change that because it isn’t always the best thing to do (it’s never the best thing to do). The last thing would be that I need to text back quicker. Seriously, I’ll take days to text back – I can’t help it (I probably can), but I’m the kind of person that’ll text back a minute later or a week later. Sadly, there is no in between. I’m working on changing all three of these, though, so that’s got to be a good sign!

What is the earliest memory I have of my life?

I remember wearing a blue dress on my 1st birthday – well I say remember, but that’s just because I’ve seen pictures. I think one of the earliest memories that I can think of right now is in year 2 I was asked to spell ‘people’ and I spelt it right and remembered the ‘o’ so I was so proud of myself.

Make a deep, deep quote up right now.

I haven’t made it up right now, but I made this quote up and loved it:

Look deep inside your soul and tell me what you see, for that is the way to go to succeed in poetry. (Yes, I’m a poet!)

What small act of kindness was I once shown that I’ll never forget?

I love this question as it makes me think about all the times people were kind to me and that just feels amazing. Sometimes we need to remember those times instead of remembering when someone swore at us or said something really mean. It’s just so much nicer. Weirdly, though, it’s actually quite hard to think of a small act of kindness that I’ll never forget – don’t get me wrong, there are lotssss as I’ve met a lot of kind people, but I want to share an experience that was particularly amazing. Acts of kindness are just the best – especially small ones – like, even the guy at the takeaway giving me some extra chicken wings is enough to make my day. Btw, he did give me extra chicken wings once and it did make my day.

Ooh, I’ve got one: it’s not small, but Katie was really kind and wrote this post about me a couple of months ago. This really did make my day and I’ll never forget it – it really touched my heart because I don’t think I even deserved it, so it was definitely unexpected and it made me feel appreciated. Thanks Katie!

Do I just talk the talk or do I take action and do as well?

What a question. I’d like to think I take action, too, as I try to be kind and help others and work on myself, but, realistically, I’d say that sometimes I get too lazy to take action and just do nothing instead. For example, today I stayed in bed all day when I could have gone to the gym or done some uni work instead. Having said that though, I have been writing blog posts…but having said that, I did spend hours and hours watching Youtube videos too…confused yet? In all seriousness, to answer this question I’d say that I definitely do more than I used to, but I could still be doing more.

Something amazing that happened to me today

I FaceTimed my Mum and spoke to my best friend. I had delicious food that my Mum had made and sent over to London with me. I woke up with good health and a roof over my head. Sometimes it’s so easy to become ungrateful (not intentionally) and forget how blessed we all are. So many amazing things happen all the time and they will always, always outweigh the bad things.

Well, that got kinda deep, didn’t it? It’s definitely true though! I hope you enjoyed reading, I actually learnt quite a bit about myself, as I’ve never thought about these questions before.

Now, my question to you is this: tell me something amazing that happened to you today, or write a blog post answering these questions about yourself – your answers may even surprise you.

1 Week Mary x



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