On Tuesday, I started my second year of uni – my time at uni is seriously just flying by. It doesn’t even feel like I’ve had a 5 month break and as cliche as it sounds, it really does seem like my first day of university was just yesterday.

So, I’ve finished all of my lessons for this week and I thought I’d share my impressions and thoughts of second year so far and whether I’m looking forward to it or absolutely dreading it.

  • My lecturers are really good

The teachers that I’ve had so far (some of my modules don’t start until the week after next) have been really, really good. Like, you can just tell that they genuinely want us to do well and have already been so supportive. They’re not stuck up or anything, which is always a bonus, and I’m definitely going to go to them for help as much as I can.

  • It’s going to be extremely interesting

We went over the things we’re going to be doing this year and let me tell you, it sounds sooo interesting. We’re going to be looking at so much, from society to memory to imagination and ‘madness’ and I just can’t wait. We’re going to be looking into not only what things like paintings andart look like, but also what we see when we look at them. Makes sense, right?

  • We’re going to be studying things that aren’t often discussed

I don’t mean we’re going to be looking at random things for absolutely no reason, I mean that we’re going to be studying a lot of things, in depth, which we’ve never really looked at before in detail, and, as a whole, we’ll be pushing boundaries and broadening our horizons and minds. I really like this as I’d say I’m quite open-minded and creative, so looking at things from different perspectives is going to be fun fun fun.

  • It gets you to really think

Tbh, I didn’t pay as much attention as I could have done last year, so the fact that the stuff we’re doing this year is really thought provoking makes me want to actually attend lessons just in case I miss something and regret it later.

  • If you miss a seminar, you miss a whole seminar

This point kind of carries on from the one above. You’ll see from my confessions of a first year post that last year I missed quite a few lectures and seminars, especially towards the end of the year, but I still felt like it was okay and I hadn’t missed that much. But this year, I know that if I come in late (which I’ve already been guilty of) or miss a seminar, I’m going to be missing a lot, and although I can find the content online, the discussion and the debates will be gone. Forever *weeps*

  • It’s actually quite philosophic

When you think of studying English Literature, you probably think that we’re only studying books, but that’s not the case. Of course, we do study a lot of books (and I mean a lot) but we study issues that there are in society, too, and go into culture, psychology and philosophy quite a bit, too. It’s some deep stuff, basically – like really deep stuff

Some of the other things we’re going to be looking at are society as a whole, images, art, culture and identity and just so much more and in case you couldn’t already tell, I cannot wait to get into the nitty gritty and learn about all of the deep, deep, deep issues.

Let me know if you’d be interested in me writing more posts on my degree, like the benefits of studying English Literature and what it’s actually like studying English Literature and I’ll type that up faster than you can say Shakespeare.

I hope you enjoyed reading! Please do comment below and share your thoughts, I want to see what you guys think!

1 Week Mary x



  1. It’s fantastic to hear that the start of your Second Year has been really positive! Hopefully that energy, passion and excitement continues for you – best of luck to you through your Second Year!

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