Have you ever been told that you should ‘love yourself?’

If not, then I’ll tell you now; you should. In fact, we all should. We don’t need to be arrogant or think of ourselves as being better than others, but we should all love ourselves.

However, the phrase is thrown around so often that it’s almost become one of those things that we listen to, but never actually bother to put to use and actually listen to, so I thought I’d put it to use and write down 10 things I love about myself. If I was a stranger or if I was someone else, what compliments would I give myself?

  • I like that I’m open minded
  • I like that I’m really creative
  • I like that I don’t take things too seriously & that I laugh a lot
  • I like that I always want to help people
  • I love that I always have faith
  • I like my big eyes
  • I like that I’m ambitious
  • I like that I like challenges
  • I love the fact that I’m different
  • I like that I’m grateful

The reason for this post is to encourage everyone to appreciate and value themselves, which is why I challenge every single person who reads this to either write a post on 10 things you like about yourself or comment below something that you love about yourself. When you’ve done your post, let me know and I’ll be sure to have a read!

What do you love about yourself?


1 Week Mary x 


7 thoughts on “#ILOVEMECHALLENGE

  1. Such a lovely post! I lovemechallenge is so positive and the message behind the whole challenge is so amazing.
    Keep it up 💙

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