I think it’s fair to say that we all need to take a break from time to time. Whether that’s from blogging, from working or basically from anything. Well, this week I definitely did; my neck pains were getting worse and by Monday I was finding it hard to even move my neck (which you might already know if you follow me on Twitter).

As I’d got so many amazing goodies from the Bloggers Festival – which you’ll see a post on very soon – I thought this week’s 1 Weeker should be ‘1 Week of Pampering Myself’. So that’s what I did. I carried on doing whatever I usually would, but added a bit of pampering, too. This one’s a long post, so grab your popcorn and enjoy!



On Monday I went to the doctors for my neck, and they gave me some painkillers but told me that I’d have to go to my GP in London for tests/anything else, as they were no longer registered as my GP. I was really frustrated and my neck was just killing so my mum gave me a massage to help the pain. It was a proper, full on hot stone back massage and eased the tension in my shoulder and neck a little, which was exactly what I needed.

In the evening I had some Aloe Zero drink by Grace*, which was the first time I’d had any type of Aloe Vera drink. At first, I wasn’t very fond of the taste, but it kind of grew on me, and it detoxed my insides really well.

I applied the Merumaya Beauty Oil* on my inflamed shoulder, too, and let me tell you, this stuff is just amazing. It really improved the elasticity in my shoulder and after I’d applied it, I could actually move my neck! I was literally in shock, as I has no idea it would work so well! It has specific ingredients in it that make it beneficial for use on almost any part of your body, from your cuticles to your shoulders. Also, if you have inflammation, I would definitely recommend this as it worked wonders for me.

I put tea tree oil on my face before bed, and went off to sleep.



On Tuesday I tried the 7th Heaven Argan Oil Mud Mask*. It was the first face mask I’d ever used – I’d tried making home made masks once or twice, years ago, but they didn’t exactly work out. Now, on to this mask: I absolutely loved it. The description is that it ‘deeply cleanses’ your skin and it definitely, definitely did that! As soon as I’d washed it off, my mum and sister told me that my skin looked clearer and it really did feel cleaner. My face felt a lot softer and I basically saw all of the dirt came out. I seriously can’t recommend this enough. As someone who suffers from acne, this was really, really useful for me.

After I’d used the face mask, I used the Heaven Skincare Youthful Moisturiser* by Deborah Mitchell. Deborah Mitchell is the person who provides skincare for the QUEEN, so you’d think this would be good, right? Wrong, it isn’t good. It’s actually amazing. At the beginning of this week, I had a massive blemish on my right cheek, and after using this it went down a LOT – it almost vanished. If you think I’m exaggerating, I promise you I’m not. I wish I’d taken a picture now just so I could show you all how well it worked! One of it’s features on the website is that “All the open pores vanish”.. Like I said, I have acne, so this is basically perfect for me.

The lady who gave it to me told me it would be good for acne, but, in all honesty, I forgot about that and was only reminded when I saw the results for myself. She also said that once this one had finished, not to get the same moisturiser again, and to get a different one instead. So if you do decide to use it for blemishes etc. be sure to follow that advice.

I also finished the Aloe drink and it really works well at detoxing your body and removing all that crap (literally). I applied the Merumaya Beauty Oil again, too, as it’s just so good.


After I’d come back from the doctors on Monday, I decided that I’d have a massage this week, as it came recommended for my neck and shoulder. My mum knew a lady at the Seraphina Centre in Manchester who gives massages, so off I went. The Seraphina Cnetre offer all kinds of holistic treatments, from massages to facials to hand and foot treatments etc.

I’d never had a (proper) massage done before as I have acne on my back. The idea of someone seeing my back and being disgusted or saying ‘ew’ always prevented me from getting one. But I told the lady my concerns and she told me there was nothing to worry about, as she had all kinds of different clients and there was no judging as we were all on different journeys. Tbh, my acne isn’t that bad, and really, there are only marks left now, but that’s a whole ‘nother post.

The lady was called Lisa and she was really, really nice. The massage was sooo good and we just chatted on for the full hour. I told her about my blog and my coaching and she was really encouraging. She was also really understanding of my concerns about my back.

After the massage was done I could move my neck more and could actually look behind me. I felt so overwhelmed as I hadn’t been able to move my head to look back for so many days and it actually felt so good to be able to move it. So, naturally, I kept looking backwards just because I actually could.

I’m going to have to get more massages more often – I was definitely missing out!

In the evening I went out to dinner with my cousins and my sister – eating steak counts as being pampered, too, doesn’t it?


On Thursday, I had a good soak in the bath. I added Himalayan salt, as it’s supposedly really good for you and it turns out that it really is. My skin felt really clean and much softer. It was also great for my hair as my hair felt conditioned without even using conditioner.


But the best part was that my neck pain had decreased, A LOT. I could move it so much more and I was really shocked. It seems so strange that only a few days before I was in complete agony and here I was, 3 days later, with the pain decreasing more and more each day.

(Image shows hair while and after applying oil from Left to Right)

I used Natural World’s Argan Oil* in my hair, too. I know Argan Oil is supposed to be really good for you, and the Natural World one definitely showed that. Seriously, just take a look at the pictures! My hair is naturally curly, and very frizzy, so the oil reduced the frizz in my hair and enhanced the curls, which is basically all I ever wanted. The absolute best thing is that the oil smells of of Terry’s chocolate orange; my favourite chocolate! I couldn’t stop smelling it, as it just smells so goooooood.


On Friday evening I used the Exuviance Retexturing Treatment* on my arms and allowed it to ‘retexture’ my skin overnight. When I woke up my arms felt so smooth and soft. The cream smelt a little medicinal, but it made up for it as my skin felt so soft, like – like, I don’t know, pillows! (A little weird, but do you get what I mean? My skin just felt so soft!)

I used the Heaven Skincare Moisturiser in the night again and my spot went down to just a mark. Deborah Mitchell’s stuff is so good, no wonder she’s providing skincare for the Queen! It really is fit for royalty.


On Saturday, I thought I’d treat my feet. Like, come on, when do we ever treat/pamper our feet? I know I don’t look after them as well as I should, so I got a big bucket and made a homemade foot spa. Well, I basically soaked them in Himalayan Salt and warm water, but it still counts! The dead skin came off (I know, sorry!) and, again, my feet felt so much softer and cleaner.

I used the Exuviance Retexturing Treatment again because I want my arms to always be that soft and used the Heaven Skincare moisturiser again. As I write this, I’ve literally just stroked my arms because they feel so soft!

Update: On Sunday, I woke up and my arms felt soft and smooth, just like I expected, and my spot has vanished completely. You might just see a post on dealing with acne soon, as this stuff has worked miracles!

Thank you for reading! As you can probably tell, I spent the week being shocked at how well everything worked, and I’m able to move my neck now. Last week, I was having to physically push my head up when getting out of bed and I’m so grateful that I don’t have to do that any more, because it wasn’t nice at all. It’s amazing what a week of pampering can do.

If you want to read more on pampering, in particular, Pamper Night Essentials, have a read of Abbey’s post, which was another inspiration for this post.

Also, if you have any ideas for 1 Weekers, just send them over.

What’s your favourite way of pampering yourself?

Items marked with a * were gifted to me, however all views are my own.

Are you attending the first Secret Blogger Event?

1 Week Mary x



  1. This week of pampering sounds just lovely! I’m starting to think I need to do it as well just because! I’ve never had a massage either but I always hear such great things about them. Usually the people who give massages aren’t too worried about who they are working on unless there’s so major problem but I’m glad LIsa was so nice. I know for any pain or soreness Tiger Balm has become my go to because to me it is legit like black magic that I got from Thailand. (:

    Single Vegas Girl

    1. I’d definitely recommend getting a massage, it feels so good and I guess it was just a little insecurity of mine and oooh I’ll have to check it out! Thanks for commenting and I can’t wait to read about your week of pampering should you decide to go for it! Xx

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