I thought for this week’s 1 Weeker I’d do a little ‘week in the life’ post. Note that this isn’t what I do every week, so it’s not a ‘typical week in the life of me’ post; it’s just what I happened to do this week.


On Monday I met up with one of my closest friends, who I’ve been friends with since high school. We both wanted to do something a little different and fun, instead of just eating or shopping (we did that too, obv). So when she came to pick me up we decided we’d go to an Escape Room – I’d never been before.

We rang a couple up and the Escape Room Manchester had an available slot at 3 so we would just about make it. We got there at 3 and we were told we’d been booked on to the most difficult one, oooooh, exciting! We were both excited as we loved solving puzzles and were determined to get out of that place alive (emphasis on the alive, if you couldn’t already tell). I’ll be writing a separate post which focuses on the Escape Room soon, so be sure to check that out!


Anyway, once we were out of the Escape Room (alive, thankfully!) we went and did some shopping as she needed a few bits and pieces. We then ate at an Italian place in the food court at Manchester Arndale. I’d never been there before, but it was actually really nice! I had creamy tomato pasta (it tasted delicious!) and chips.


On Tuesday I went and ran some errands. I finally posted my student finance declaration form (I know, I know) and posted the NYX lip product over to Kayleigh as she won the giveaway I held a couple of weeks ago.

I then started writing my blog post about Escape Room Manchester, which I will be putting up very soon.

At 8pm I took part in the Twitter chat #fblchat. I absolutely love taking part in Twitter chats, as it’s so nice to talk to fellow bloggers, as well as answer questions on the theme, get tips and bounce ideas off each other, too. I haven’t had the time to take part in any recently, but am really glad I took part in this one, as it’s always a good one. I used to take part in so many, but now I hardly do (hopefully I’ll be changing that soon because I just love talking to everyone!). In the chat a girl called Lauren from Scotland said she is going to be planning a blogger event early next year in Scotland, which got us all excited. I really hope I’ll be able to go; be sure to keep an eye out on her page if you’re interested.

Later that evening, I was scrolling down Twitter and I saw a blogger called Katie’s tweet about how she wants to get to to know more bloggers in Manchester, and as I do too I tweeted her letting her know I’d love to meet her. I then tweeted out asking if other blogger’s would be interested in meeting up & got a good response, yayyy. This got me excited and I started throwing together some ideas for a blogger event. Who knew it could be so much fun to plan one?!


On Wednesday I was in full blog planning mode. I spent the whole day noting ideas, thinking of what we could do, where we could go, just everything! It is so flipping exciting to plan an event and yes, I did let my imagination run away with itself, but why not? You may have seen my latest post (if not, you should definitely check it out) about the launch of Secret Events UK. Now, I know I keep going on about everything being exciting but it so is! This really, really got me excited and the response on Twitter just made my day! Aaaah, thank you girls!

I made notes on my phone, started a little ‘blogger event’ notebook and really got into the event planning spirit. I wrote down all kinds of ideas about themes, things to do, just everything! I know I keep going on about the event without actually giving you details, but dates and times will be confirmed very, very, veryyyyyy soon. Once the venue, date and time is confirmed I’ll let you all know right away. I really hope you’ll be able to make it, because I really want to meet you all. (I know I’m being soppy, okay, I can’t help it!)

I can’t spill the ideas I jotted down because of the whole ‘Secret’ thing, but just know that I’m trying my best to make sure this event will be amazing for you all.


Now, you might remember I did a post recently about qualifying as a Personal Life Coach, where I included that I’d be going on to complete the whole course and become a Master Coach, so on Thursday I attended the Accelerated Learning course and that was actually the last day, so I finished that course and will be getting my certificate soon, wahooooo. Now I’ve completed two of the courses and have two left to go before I become a Master Coach (hopefully!).


On Friday we had a viewing for a potential venue for the first of the Secret Events, and I was sooooo excited! My brother and I went down to Manchester and checked the place out. I really liked it, but some of the details put me off the venue, nonetheless I’m going to have a think about it and will let them know. We also checked out another venue, which was really nice, but was being refurbished from this week through to the middle of October, so that’s out of the question for now.

We also did some other event preparation and maaaaaaybe even spoke to a couple of brands regarding the goody bags *hint hint* but you’ll have to turn up to the actual event to find out what I’m going on about.

I also met the lovely Chiedza on Friday from Chubbychedz. She has just started blogging two weeks ago, so go check out her blog and smother it with love and support. She’s just so lovely and we chatted for a good half an hour whilst her colleague carried on working (she was at work at the time) and we nattered on about how amazing blogging and bloggers are. I mean, they are, right?! Honestly though, give her a follow, she’s so great and wants to get to know more bloggers as she’s only recently started.

We did a little shopping ( I didn’t actually buy anything tbh), and then my sister met us up and the three of us went for a sibling dinner together at Yaya’s (the steak is gooooooorgeous!).


On Saturday, I didn’t do as much, as I’ve been having this really bad neck pain. My neck’s so stiff and the muscle has been pulled for agessss. Apparently it’s inflammation so I’ll have to go to the doctors and check it out soon. If you have any tips for inflammation send them over, please! However, I did manage to do some more event prep and did some blog stuff, too. I feel like I haven’t been doing much on my blog recently (well, not as much as I used to) because I’ve been busy, but I’m hoping to change that soon because I love my little blog.

As I’m going to be starting uni soon, I won’t be posting as much, but still want to post often and keep sharing posts with you all. The last time I went back to uni, I took a biiiiiig break from blogging and stopped completely for a few months. I really don’t want that to happen again because I’m really enjoying blogging and I abs love the blogging community, everyone is so supportive and friendly; I’m not willing to let that go!


Today we’re off on a trip to either Scotland or Wales. It’s either Scotland because I keep going on about how much I want to go because of how amazing it is and the last time we went was like ten years ago or Wales because we’ve been going practically all of our lives and haven’t been for a couple of years now, so you know, Llandudno is probably missing us.

Okay, I’m missing it too.

What have you been up to this week? Let’s see if we can get everyone to share one thing that happened that made you smile this week.

1 Week Mary x



  1. Yet another amazing post! I loved hearing all about your week! Escape rooms are great, aren’t they? Looking forward to your post on your experience!
    If you love Twitter chats, and are free on Tuesday at 9pm or Thursday at 8pm, head over to @GRLPOWR for our first ever chats! Sorry for the no-shame-self-promos there 🙈 If you do hear about a Scotland meet up please let me know, I’d love to go but always seem to miss the details and find out too late!!
    You’ve no idea how excited I am to hear about the event you’re planning, hopefully I can make it! Are you sure you can’t even give a tiny clue at the minute? 😜 The mention of goody bags has me bouncing in my bed!
    Congratulations on completing your course! Every step forward is a step further away from your starting point!
    Your weekend looked amazing from your snapchats, I was so jealous of you out on the water!
    Thank you for sharing what seems to have been an extremely busy week! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about it and can’t wait to read more of your posts! Going to have to dive further back into your older posts to keep myself ticking over for your next posts! Keep up the amazing writing xxxx

    P.S. Sorry for such a long comment! 🙈

    1. Thank you sooooo much for this comment, I wish I’d replied to it sooner!! I missed your chat but I know you’re hosting another one tonight which I’ll (hopefully) be able to make! If I hear of any Scotland blogger events, you’ll definitely be the first to know &I really hope you’ll be able to make the next event that we do, although it’ll probably be in the distant future as I have too much on at the moment, or even if not, I hope we get to meet at some event soon! Thank you so much & I’m glad you enjoyed my Snapchat too, it was my first time ever on a speedboat, I had my brother & dad on either side of me & was so scared but in the end I loved it! Thanks for reading lovely xxxxx

  2. Your week sounds like it was pretty great! 🙂 I’ve always wanted to go to an Escape Room so I’m pretty excited to read about how it was for you. 😀 Awesome post!

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