Why tell jokes when you can tell bad jokes? Enjoy!


Why was Ruth told to get back up there?

She kept saying “My name is Roof”


What did the shoe say to the sandal?

Go and cover up


Why are candles always crying?

Because their hair is on fire


Why did Moira join NASA?

Her friend recommended a burger that was out of this world


When do laptops get annoyed?

When you push their buttons


Why did the teacup get scared?

It was put on a roller coaster


Why did Melissa boycott Subway?

She never got to go anywhere


What does a snowman do in Summer?

Nothing. Just like it does nothing in Winter


What do you call a sock with no foot inside?



What did Aunty Doreen tell Shelly’s mum?

She can never Sea Shell-y


What did Apple and Blackberry say to Android?

Are you part of their 5 a day?


Why was the piece of paper upset?

It got hole punched


What did Instagram do when it met MSN?

Held a mirror up in front of it and said Throwback Thursday…


Bad? Or awful?

I hope you enjoyed reading!

1 Week Mary x



24 thoughts on “REALLY BAD JOKES

  1. Yes! I love a bad joke, will be saving these for going back to teaching next week. I love telling my kids awful jokes!

  2. They may be classed as bad jokes, but that means they are the best jokes! Love this post!


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