Waheyy, they’re the best years of your life – or so they say. As I only have two years left of my degree, I really want to make the most out of my time at university and cram as many fun things in as possible. So what better idea than to make a good old bucket list?

I’m going to be adding to my university-in-London bucket list all the time, and will hopefully keep you updated too!

Here are some of the things I want to have done before I finish university – there’ll be no time to get bored!

  1. First things first: GRADUATE
  2. Write for my uni newspaper
  3. Go to Freshers Fair every year
  4. Go on the uni radio
  5. Go to a lecture that has nothing to do with my field
  6. Join the gym
  7. Make a call from a red phone booth
  8. Go on a library tour (study in every library of my uni)
  9. Go to every campus of my university
  10. Learn a language
  11. Go to Oxford/Cambridge university
  12. Go to the London Dungeons
  13. Get straight firsts for a semester
  14. Go to the beach
  15. Ride a train from one end to the other
  16. Watch a play at the West End
  17. Go to every lecture/seminar early for a week
  18. Have afternoon tea somewhere posh (preferably the Ritz)
  19. Get student discounts
  20. Get a strike in bowling
  21. Lose something
  22. Go on a road trip
  23. Go to every single lecture/seminar for one module
  24. Go to Platform 9 and 3 quarters
  25. Read all the books on my reading list for one module
  26. Hand my essay in a week early
  27. Watch the Changing of the Guard ceremony at Buckingham palace
  28. Vote in some kind of uni elections
  29. Go on a tour of London
  30. Organise an event
  31. Have brunch
  32. Go bike riding
  33. See Tower Bridge lift
  34. Go on the London Eye
  35. Go to the Sunday market
  36. Do one non-compulsory reading
  37. Go to all of the Monopoly places
  38. Have a full English breakfast
  39. Learn how to cook
  40. Attend matriculation ceremony
  41. Join every single society
  42. Run for something
  43. Win something
  44. Host a dinner party
  45. Campaign for something
  46. Go on adventures
  47. Go on a Warner Bros tour
  48. Apply to climb the steps of Big Ben
  49. Play life size chess
  50. Raise money for charity
  51. Play a giant floor piano
  52. Get a job
  53. Go to Nickelodeon World
  54. Get a job with the university
  55. Go horse riding
  56. Go to a referencing class
  57. Try sushi
  58. Make friends with someone from a different country
  59. Pull an all nighter then go to a 9am lecture
  60. Set up a society
  61. Do some voluntary work
  62. Go to Hamleys (massive toy shop)
  63. Have a curry at Brick Lane
  64. Go to London Writers Cafe
  65. Volunteer
  66. Do an essay the night before
  67. Be a mentor
  68. Go to a student event where I know no-one
  69. Send a postcard home
  70. See the View from the Shard
  71. Become a student ambassador
  72. Catch the tube during rush hour
  73. Try something new
  74. Buy something from Harrods
  75. Start and finish a whole series in a day
  76. Go to uni every day from 9 to 5 for a week and get loads of work done (or don’t)
  77. See a Banksy painting
  78. Go to the gym every day for a week
  79. Be properly prepared for a seminar
  80. Visit my friends at their unis
  81. Put on weight
  82. Lose weight
  83. Go undercover at Undercover London
  84. Get my uni hoodie
  85. Write a diary for a week
  86. Do a dissertation
  87. Go to the Winter Wonderland
  88. Teach someone something
  89. Have a picnic at Hyde Park
  90. Spend the day in the library, alone
  91. Break something
  92. Fix something
  93. Go ice skating
  94. Speak to the careers office
  95. Attend a class at my uni’s gym
  96. Do a movie marathon
  97. Get involved in a play/performance
  98. Travel first class at some point
  99. Hold a Come Dine With Me with my friends
  100. Get speaking to someone you usually wouldn’t speak to
  101. Help someone

What else should I do before I finish university?

1 Week Mary x



  1. Not sure how common they are at your university but going on a subcrawl is a must! We do them in Glasgow because it’s a circle and the aim is find the nearest pub/bar to each subway stop and have a drink in it, working your way around the stops! Not sure how it would work unless you were on the circle… but it’s great fun!

    1. Yayyy I’m so glad to hear that! And of course not, I’d love to read that!!! So sorry for the late reply, I’m never getting this behind with blog comments again (I hope!) xxx

  2. ooooh if youre in london definitely walk along a few canals, check out the canal bookstore (last i checked that was in islington) go to a few rooftop places (rooftops bars and gardens) x

    1. Oh my gosh that sounds so nice! Definitely have to check out the canal bookstore & I was planning on going to some rooftop places, but for some reason never did lol, thank you for reminding me! X

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