As students, we are offered so many different opportunities, a lot of which we either take for granted or don’t see the point in actually going ahead and taking. But we shouldn’t be ignoring them – we should be saying yes!

Btw, let me just tell you I’m the first to admit that I’ve previously said no to most of these, and every time I say no I realise it’s a mistake almost straight after; take it from someone who knows – I should have said yes.

1. When your college/university has a Careers office, filled with a Careers team whose jobs are to help you decide what you want to do with your career and aid you on getting there, make the most of it and go. Book an appointment and tell them, truthfully, what your worries are, what you want to do after uni, whether you’re doing anything now to help you get where you want to be etc. Ask them for advice, ask them to share their experience; just tell them everything and ask them anything.

2. When you first start university and you’re at the freshers fair, join all (or most) of the societies. You might not even end up going to one event, but it’s always best to keep an open mind and then if there is a society event that you like the sound of, you’ll know when and where it is. You’re also less likely to get bored with all these events going on and will get the chance to meet so many different people.

3. When you first start uni and you want to make friends, don’t just talk to specific types of people, talk to everyone. Give everyone a chance; just because you’re used to talking to certain types of people, it doesn’t mean you won’t get on with others. You might find yourself some amazing friends that you’d never even be friends with if you’d already decided they weren’t ‘your kind of people’ before talking to them.

4. When offered opportunities, say yes. Don’t turn them down just because you’re too lazy or don’t know if they’re worth it. Seriously, I’d say just grab every opportunity that comes at you with both hands. It may never come again.

5. When you’re offered the chance to gain experience – whether it be work experience in your area of study or experience in something you’ve always wanted to do – just go for it. Not only are you working on your CV by doing this, you’ll probably end up with some stories to tell and (hopefully) will have some fun along the way.

6. When there’s free stuff being handed out, take it all – within reason, of course. If you’re being offered free stuff by a person/organisation that can be trusted, like O2 Priority Moments, then go for it. But if it’s by someone in a back alley at 1am, I beg you, please don’t.

7. When you’ve got an upcoming deadline for an essay and your seminar tutor is willing to go over your essay notes with you before you start the essay, go, go, go! From what I’ve heard, they really get down to business and give you constructive criticism which could be the difference between you earning a 2:1 and a 1st in that essay. Yeah, I really should be doing this.

8. Going to actual lectures and seminars. Let’s be real here, you might be feeling lazy or like you can’t be bothered going to your 9am lecture –  yes first year doesn’t count and all that – but you’re paying 9 grand (if you’re not then lucky you!), you’ll probably miss a lot if you don’t go in & it’s not like you’ll be going to 9am lectures forever – even if it does seem like it!

Most of us probably haven’t always made the most of the opportunities that we’ve been offered, but don’t worry! I’m definitely guilty of not making the most of them and can 100% say that I haven’t always gone to every single lecture and seminar, neither have I grabbed every opportunity that has come my way. I’m working on it though – it’s all going to be changing soon.

If you have any more suggestions on student-life related posts you’d like to see, leave them in the comments below!

Are there any times you wished you’d have said yes?

1 Week Mary x



  1. This post really resonates with me. So many of these things were things I turned down at first when I started Uni and things I regret i.e not talking to more people and joining more societies. I was really afraid to leave my comfort zone so I ended up with only a handful of friends when I could’ve met so many more! I’m starting a Masters degree at a different University in a new city in September so I think I’m going to take a leaf out of your book and say yes to everything (within reason) and make the most of what is most likely my final year as a student.

    Luckily, I learned quickly to always say yes to extra help from tutors and lecturers. I used to get so frustrated because I could never surpass a B (which is a great mark) but I took the time to sit down with my tutors in 3rd year and ask them what I could do to make my essays worthy of an A and that’s what made the difference between me getting a 2:1 and achieving the 1st class that I’m so proud of. Communication is key.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    1. Wow congratulations on your first! You should be SO proud, you must have worked extremely hard for it! & yesss I know exactly what you mean, I’ve been the same, which is why I thought I’d write this post – to motivate myself and all other students too and then we can help motivate each other 😀 thanks for commenting Xx

  2. Great advice! I especially love tip number 6 😛 What clubs/societies did you join or what ones do you regret not joining? If all goes well and I get back for third year then I’m definitely going to listen to these tips, thank you! xx

    1. Hahah don’t we all! & I joined a few but not any ‘out there’ ones but I’m hopefully changing that in September! What about you? & yayyy good luck & thanks for commenting Xxx

      1. Best one I joined this year was Irish dancing! Closely followed by Come Dine With Me. Met so many new people and I can’t wait to join them again next year! Might even join the wine and cheese society xxx

  3. I totally relate to this post, but in the last year I have actually been doing quite well. I have started speaking to all kinds of people – this is probably down to my blog as I like to meet new people, so talking to whoever in college doesn’t matter and everyone should spread positive vibes and be nice. I have also said yes to a lot that I didn’t think I would do this year. This post though has made me realize how “in my shell” I am most of the time – but really I should just go for it, why the hell not??

    1. Just because you’re not doing these things doesn’t mean your ‘in your shell’ don’t worry I haven’t been doing most either – this post is to motivate us and I’ve written this for myself and everyone else because I know I need to work on these things too! And Awww it’s so lovely to meet new people isn’t it, and especially to spread positive vibes! & you’re 1000% right, we should all just go for it – what have we got to lose?! Thank you for your lovely comment! Xx

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