Welcome to my brain.

  1. To Pokemon Go or not to Pokemon Go?
  2. How does being mature work? Will I just wake up one day and be a mature adult?
  3. How long will it be until I’m fit and healthy again?
  4. How much debt am I in right now?
  5. Do young kids think of me as an adult?
  6. I wish the old Disney Channel would come back.
  7. If I bump into my old school teachers do I call them by their first names or do I call them miss/sir?
  8. What would I be doing if all this technology hadn’t been invented yet? What would I do without my phone?
  9. What shall I do after I graduate?
  10. Should I take a year out and do some sort of placement? Can I even do that with English Literature?

These are just some of the random thoughts that go on inside my brain – yes, I have added a little humour, I do know I’m not just going to wake up and be extremely mature one day…or am I?

What goes on in your brain? Can you relate to any of my thoughts?

1 Week Mary x


15 thoughts on “10 THOUGHTS OF A 19 YEAR OLD IN THE 21ST CENTURY

  1. Aha I love this post, it made me have a little giggle to myself. Although I’m 22 (the only good thing about being 22 is singing Taylor Swift & getting away with it) I can totally relate to these thoughts!
    Definitly Pokemon Go & I still call my old teachers Sir/Miss.
    This is a great post… keep up the good work!
    Much Love
    Bee xoxox

    1. That’s the aim haha! & you have a full year of singing that song make the most of it😂 thanks a lot for commenting I’m really glad you enjoyed it & seriously, I think I’ll always call them sir/miss – it’s just weird not to! Xx

  2. Haha! I totally relate to the maturity thing! I’ve always been told I’m mature for my age but I still feel like a 12 year old I swear! Such a fun post I really enjoyed it, made me smile 🙂 xx

    1. Exactly!!! When we were younger we were so naive & innocent, bless us. But when we become adults we’ll look back & realise that we had it in us all along 💪🏽💪🏽 thank you for reading! Xxx

  3. This post is so me. The teacher one I saw one of my old teachers out back along and I shouted their real name out across the road to get their attention then went…hi sir 😜 Xxx

    1. Hahahah that’s hilarious! I know exactly what you mean! It’s so weird to call teachers by their first names after you were so used to calling them ‘Miss’ or ‘Sir’. Thanks for reading lovely xxx

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