Okay, so you’ve probably guessed what today’s post is about: I’ve had white hairs since I was 15 years old, so for around four years now. Whenever I’d go to the doctors to see why I’m basically turning into a grandma at 19 years old, they’d either tell me it’s hereditary or that it’s because I stress a lot (which I do). I was worried at first, but I’ll admit it doesn’t worry me anymore. I’m also really glad there’s nothing wrong with me on the hair side of things (I hope!).

I didn’t have many white hairs  at first, but they’ve definitely become more noticeable in the last couple of years, so I just tend to cover them up with some mascara. You’re probably wondering why I don’t just dye my hair – in all honesty, I’ve dyed my hair before when I was around 13 years old but I just don’t think I will again. The reason being that I’ll constantly have to keep up with it to make sure my white hairs are covered and, really, who has the time? Ok I’ve actually got a lot of time on my hands but I’m just too lazy. Plus, if I do go ahead and dye it there’s no going back. For now, I’m going to stick to covering it with mascara or just tying it in ways so it’s hardly visible (I’ve learnt a trick or two!) but who knows, maybe in the future I will go ahead and dye my hair. You’ll be of the first to know.

I’ve tried all sorts of things to get my hair healthier, like using oils, eggs (yes, eggs) and trying to eat healthier. But if it’s hereditary, I doubt it’ll be changing back anytime soon! What do you think I should do?

I know this post’s a little different and a little random, but I’m hoping to do more posts about myself and my life so you can get to know the blogger behind the blog – lucky you, eh? (I kid!)

Love, as always,

1 Week Mary x


8 thoughts on ““WHY DO YOU HAVE WHITE HAIRS AT 15?”

  1. My mum went grey at around 17 and I seem to have escaped it so far! She dyed her hair for YEARS (usually blonde, its closer to grey/white so easier to match!) but recently she has decided to stop. She is 42 and is done with it – as you say, it’s a lot of effort! Now ‘grey’ is kind of in as a hair colour she felt she could go for it and honestly I think it looks great!

    My advice to you would be to embrace it. Go with who you are and how it looks :)!

    Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog

  2. Yesss, grey hair looks so good, but thankfully mine hasn’t gone fully grey yet and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing recently; just leaving it out, flaws and all, because sometimes it’s just too much effort and I really don’t care if anyone does point it out! Thank you for commenting and for your kind words! Xx

  3. My mum started going grey at 21 (around the time she had me tbh!) so i only have a year or two until i inevitably start finding them, although my mum often uses tinted dry hair shampoo to cover hers, as well as dying it! You just have to do whats best for you!


  4. Yess I completely agree! & if you do find some, make sure you don’t pull them out because you’ll just get more, I know how tempting it is, but I always used to pull mine out, which is one of the reasons I have so many now. Thanks for commenting! Xx

  5. I have a few greys here and there as well! Had them since I was maybe 13 or so! Bright silver/white too 😒 It worries me at first, and I would get very self conscious when people would point out that I have a dense number of them in the center of my head, but now I don’t mind it at all!

    I think when my head starts to majority grey I might just start dyeing my whole head to match 😊 It’s quite a trend now anyway!

    1. This is exactly how I was! At first I’d always be covering them to make sure no one saw them, but now if someone’s like “you have so many white hairs!” I’d be like I know. That’s it, because they don’t bother me anymore. Having said that, I’d still love it if they went just for peace of mind so I knew my hair was getting healthy again but for now I have white hairs – so what? Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and for commenting! Xxx

  6. Another great post! I keep finding myself back on your blog, looking for something to read. My dad started going grey aged 21 and my mum aged 25 so I’m getting worried about getting closer and closer to those ages… However, my mum recently started buying hair chalk and using this to touch up her roots between colours! Not sure how expensive they were or what brand but I’m sure if you were interested a quick google search would answer those sorts of questions xx

    1. Aww thanks Katie! I hope my blog’s entertaining you 😀 & de about getting closer to the ages, if you do get some you’ll probably only get a couple, just DON’T under any circumstances pull them out because you’ll be left with a lot more, take that from experience! & oooh that sounds interesting I’ll have to have a look, thanks for sharing! Xx

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