It’s the 1st of July, it’s Summer, what more does a girl need to be inspired to make a Summer bucket list? Ok, having some actual sun would be nice, but we can’t have it all, eh?

Feel free to add any of these to your own Summer bucket lists!

  1. Thank God for everything
  2. Get a summer job
  3. Have a picnic
  4. Go on a long road trip
  5. Go to the beach
  6. Go a day without any technology
  7. Watch the sun rise
  8. Watch the sun set
  9. Go out for afternoon tea/high tea
  10. Have a BBQ
  11. Catch a fish
  12. Set yourself a budget for a week and record how you do
  13. Read 10 books
  14. Go on a hike
  15. Eat a full pizza alone
  16. Make soap and sell it
  17. Forgive others
  18. Climb a tree
  19. Gatecrash a stranger’s wedding
  20. Get a henna tattoo
  21. Go to random events in the local area and get speaking to people you normally wouldn’t speak to
  22. Get a book signed by the author
  23. Go swimming
  24. Go makeup free for a day
  25. Travel to a different country
  26. Go bike riding
  27. Go horse riding
  28. Meet new people
  29. Do something that you’re terrified of
  30. Win something
  31. Do archery
  32. Write a list of things you’re grateful for
  33. Learn how to sew
  34. Go to a makeup class
  35. Lose weight
  36. Create a piece of art and sell it
  37. Go on a boat ride
  38. Write a letter
  39. Go rock climbing
  40. Complete a course in something you’re passionate about and get a certificate
  41. Do yoga every day for a week
  42. Go on adventures
  43. Go to the zoo
  44. Try a new ice cream flavour
  45. Bake
  46. Braid your hair
  47. Collect sea shells
  48. Make lemonade
  49. Go to a theme park
  50. Paint
  51. Try 5 new restaurants
  52. Volunteer
  53. Have a movie marathon
  54. Have a water fight
  55. Send a message in a bottle
  56. Bury a time capsule
  57. Go the end of a rainbow
  58. Try a new food
  59. Do random acts of kindness
  60. Eat fruit everyday
  61. Save money
  62. Do free stuff
  63. Work out
  64. Go zip wiring
  65. Learn sign language
  66. Go to a fair/festival/carnival
  67. Break a world record
  68. Write a diary
  69. Write a poem
  70. Have a party
  71. Play sports
  72. Make videos
  73. Go on a day trip
  74. Give someone flowers
  75. De-clutter your room, your wardrobe, everything
  76. Plant a tree
  77. Plant a seed and watch it grow
  78. Go to a random lecture
  79. Donate to charity
  80. Go somewhere you loved going when you were younger
  81. Revisit places from your childhood
  82. Travel around Europe
  83. Spend the entire day by yourself
  84. Go to popular places in your city and make a guide
  85. Go to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
  86. Be a carefree kid again
  87. Do a ‘come dine with me’ special with your friends
  88. Buy an old car and fix it up
  89. Do something you normally wouldn’t do
  90. Sew something and wear it
  91. Watch a play
  92. Create your own personal recipe book
  93. Host a dinner party
  94. Stay up for 24 hours
  95. Learn more about other faiths
  96. Grow your hair out
  97. Take a first aid course
  98. Spend time with your family
  99. Get rid of all grudges and start afresh
  100. Try something new
  101. Write down your goals and what you have to do to achieve them
  102. Learn a foreign language
  103. Run a half marathon
  104. Run a marathon
  105. Get a tan
  106. Go fundraising
  107. Do something you’ve been meaning to do for a while
  108. Make a check list of things to do
  109. Tell your nearest and dearest why you appreciate them
  110. Catch up with old friends
  111. Make new friends
  112. Sell your stuff at a car boot sale
  113. Buy something from a car boot sale
  114. Travel and get souvenirs from everywhere you go
  115. Immerse yourself in a different culture
  116. Fast
  117. Be kind to people
  118. Start a scrapbook
  119. Look at baby pictures and videos
  120. Lie in a hammock
  121. Go for a new look
  122. Work on your confidence
  123. Wake up early every day for a week
  124. Wake up late every day for a week
  125. Smile at everyone you see
  126. Put together a 1.000 piece jigsaw puzzle
  127. Enter a drawing/writing competition
  128. Watch movies from your childhood
  129. Teach something
  130. Learn something
  131. Try a new hairstyle
  132. Only drink water for a week
  133. Read a dictionary
  134. Go to a spa
  135. Get some work experience/an internship in your field
  136. Do DIY
  137. Have deep, meaningful conversations
  138. Write a book
  139. Love yourself
  140. Find someone with the same name as you
  141. Ditch the mirror for a day
  142. Work on improving your health
  143. Have your 5 a day everyday for a week
  144. Have ice cream every day for a week
  145. Go chocolate/sweets free for a week
  146. Say sorry
  147. No TV for a week
  148. Don’t care what anyone thinks
  149. Go to a restaurant alone
  150. Sort out your friends’ wardrobes
  151. Wear wedges
  152. Have heart to hearts with your best friend
  153. Scavenger hunt
  154. Submit something to the local newspaper
  155. Have a fun day out (go to Jump Nation/an Escape Room)

And that’s that. Is there anything on this list that you’ve done? Or have you got any ideasΒ I can add to my Summer bucket list?

With love, as always,

1 Week Mary x


16 thoughts on “MY SUMMER 2016 BUCKET LIST

  1. Wow that is a very very long list haha! I hope you can do everything this summer, wish you the best of luck! I personally don’t make lists like these because I feel like it’s too much presure haha! Xx


    1. Thank you! And I love reading summer bucketlists so thought why don’t I make one of my own? Even if I don’t complete them all, I’ll have some left over for next summer haha! Thanks for reading xx

  2. Thank you for reminding me to take a look at mine. I think I will write a bucket list post as well to keep all my lists in 1 place πŸ™‚ xoxo Good luck!

  3. I love your list so many great things to do! I’ve definitely eaten a whole pizza to myself alone already haha. I always wake up late too as well X

  4. Lovely list! I hope you’ll manage to cross of loads of these, they sound so fun! (Personally, I’m in a bit of a lazy summer mode right now!)

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