This post’s dedicated to all the students out there, struggling to enjoy life and keep up with uni work at the same time. It’s okay, I understand, I’m in the exact same position.

Okay, so the first tip I have is don’t do it. If you have an assignment, do not start it the night before as you won’t do as well as you could have done, but more importantly, you will suffer – it will crush you. Tell me I’m being dramatic but I’m only speaking from experience.

Nonetheless, you’re reading this so chances are you probably have left it to the last minute. Don’t worry, as a student it’s inevitable that at least once you’re going to leave your essay to the back of your mind for a couple of months, but BOOM, once it’s 12.01 on deadline day, it makes it’s way to the front, as quick as it can. So what do you do? I’ll tell you, but first, understand this: you can do it and you’re going to do it.

12:01 Get out of bed. If you stay in bed for the next few hours, you’re going to fall asleep. Is that a risk you’re willing to take? I thought not. Now, go and sit in the most un-bed-like place you can think of (within reason – you don’t need to venture off outside).

12:08 Throw your phone as far away from you as possible, after putting it on silent. As for your laptop: log out of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest – the lot.

12:10 You’ll need water, lots of it.

12:13 Choose your essay question and start planning – keep in mind, now’s not the time to start learning new things; pick the question you know the most about and plan away.

12:47 You’ve done your plan? That means the outline of your essay’s done & you’re one step closer. Wahoo!

12:50 Now it’s time to get your thinking cap on and write your essay. Write like you’ve never written before; write because your grade depends on it, just write. Write, write, write.

1:59 Stretch a little; just make sure your neck isn’t pulled forward into the screen, as this has lasting side effects.

2:46 Sip that coffee (or don’t) – it works either way.

4:17 Just remember you’re going to treat yourself  after this – those new shoes ARE coming.

4:46 Eat some ‘brain food’ – have a banana, nuts or any type of fruit. Just don’t starve yourself.

5:23 Stop hallucinating. Breathe. Drink some water – you’re almost there.


6:34 If you haven’t already, start on the conclusion (if your essay requires one)

6:59 Throw cold water in your face, print that essay and get out that door. You’ve done the best you can do now don’t let that hard work go to waste – go and get it in on time!

NB- *make a mental note not to do this again* but hey, even if you do, you know where to find me 😀

This post was inspired by this guide. Go on, pick your fave and add it to favourites – I won’t be offended.


1 Week Mary x



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