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Seeing as I’m back at university on Monday, I now have the perfect excuse to do a Back To School/College/University Lookbook.

I love looking at lookbooks of all kinds that I find online, whether they’re on youtube or on other blogs – I just love them. Now, I’m no expert in fashion (nor do I claim to be) but I thought I’d make one anyway. WHY NOT? However, all of my things are scattered between my home up North and my uni flat in London, so I’ve just had to make do with the clothes I didn’t leave at uni for this post (seeing as I’m home for the holidays). That’s also the reason why I’ll be doing my lookbook in stages and not in one go. Nonetheless, here’s part one, I hope you guys enjoy! PS. I might do a post on best bags for school, let me know if this is something you’d be interested in reading in the comments below!

Outfit #1


Dress: £8 from For upto 55% off at Boohoo, click here

Leather jacket: £20 from Select (from the sale a couple of months ago): Get upto 50% off at Select Fashion here

Leggings: £3 from Primark

Boots: £12 from George at ASDA

Outfit #2


Blazer: Between £5 -£10 from a store in Manchester

Blouse: I bought this blouse from Primark a long time ago and think it was around £5

Jeans: Again, I bought these jeans from Primark a while ago and think they were between £7-£13

Over the knee boots: £20 from a shoe store near me, however these boots are extremely popular and can be bought from pretty much any clothing store.

Be sure to check out for discounts for companies ranging from Tesco to ASOS to Thomas Cook.

And that’s it for part 1 of my Back To School Lookbook. Which is your favourite of the two outfits?  Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram or Twitter @ 1weekmary.

NB: Part 2 will be up soon, subscribe now for part 2 to come straight to your inbox!


1 Week Mary x


12 thoughts on “MINI BACK TO SCHOOL LOOKBOOK 2016

  1. I really enjoyed your look book! I was surprised by what bargains all the clothes were! Well done – really classy looks but still affordable. I wonder if it would be possible to link to items such as the boots at George, for example (although I am off to look for them myself now) 🙂 Great blog!
    Best wishes,

  2. awww! this was a beautiful post. I really loved the second outfit. but if I were to ever wear an outfit between them both it would be the first because I’m more of a dress person. I love the high knee boots, oh my gosh they are definitely in trend.
    as mentioned before. It’s great to see how the items are affordable, yes the way you paired it all makes it classy and great!

    Rabia x

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