Soo, students, eh?

Yes, we’re that lot. We’re a mix of teenagers like me (nearing 20), 20 somethings and those that are older. But I promise you, we’re a great bunch!

Having just finished my first semester at uni, I thought I’d make a list of the top 15 struggles (in my eyes) that most uni students go through. Let’s face it, there are many. And they are 100% real. Enjoy!

#1 The first day is scary. Reallyyyyyy scary. But at the same time it’s so exciting; perhaps even more exciting than it is scary.

#2 Your money just goes. Into thin air. And is replaced with debt – lotsssssss of it. So keep in mind that free stuff’s going to take you far. I recommend going to the fresher’s fair and stocking up on the freebies. You don’t need 150 pens, you say? You’re wrong. When you’re in desperate need of a pen you’ll be sooo glad you went and loaded up on them. You’re welcome.

#3 That one day you didn’t go in (or 2 or 3 days) you missed everything. If you think the solution to this is missing more days (like I foolishly did) you couldn’t be more wrong, you’re just going to fall even further behind.

#4 At the start of the second semester you’re constantly refreshing your Santander Online Banking page every 10 seconds because you neeeeed that loan so you can go and blow it again. (Yes, I bank with Santander just for the free 16-25 railcard. Whaaaat?)

#5 You’re tired. Every single day. No matter how much sleep you’ve had.

#6 Talking about sleep, it just doesn’t happen anymore – well not when it’s supposed to like in the dark hours, it’s more or less in lectures instead now. #Oops

#7 You constantly leave essays to the last minute and then panic like never before: all nighters to the rescueeeee!

#8 You soon learn that all nighters aren’t the saviours they’re made out to be though, they’re torturous. By 4am one eye wants to close, the other’s seeing things and your brain wants to shut down for the day. Oh, the pain. Note: they also require a wholeee lotta coffee.

#9 You’re simply given an essay question. With nothing else. NOTHING. Why didn’t they tell us how much work we’d have to do at uni? Before you think “they did”, let me tell you now: they didn’t.

#10 Waking up 10 minutes before you were supposed to be in uni and seriously contemplating whether that exam really counts that much towards your degree. Btw, YES it does.

#11 Sleep and food are two of the only things that matter to you. And you’d do anything for them. Anything. (Ok, maaaybe not anything.)

#12 Your deadlines are always on the same day or in the same week. Yep, thanks for that.

#13 Procrastination is that one friend that everybody hates, and it won’t leave you alone. Ever. Note: it particularly likes to make long visits when a deadline or exam is just around the corner.

#14 You never paid attention or believed anyone when they told you that uni is a BIG step up from college. But as soon as you handed in your first essay you realised how right they were.

#15 You’re going to be an adult soon. A proper adult. And that hurts because you cannot do one single thing about it…

All jokes aside, at uni we know that we’re making amazing memories with friends that could potentially be in our lives forever at the same time as working hard(ish) to hopefully make our futures the best they can possibly be. All in all, the struggles may just be worth it…we hope!

Are there any other struggles that I forgot to mention? Leave them in the comments below or tell me on instagram or Twitter @ 1weekmary.



1 Week Mary x



  1. Haha! I identify with all of these struggles. And really procrastination is everyones friend and the greatest enemy too. It’s such a crazy thing to keep pushing things forward until it’s almost late or even late. Great post. 🙂

  2. Yes, procrastination is a friend because only a friend can stay with you in good and in bad times, but how dutiful you are in achieving your goals makes its influence minimal.

  3. hiya! I’m a college student yet I can totally understand and relate to most of these points. Thankfully I still have my sleep, bit there are days when it’s a pain not getting enough. Bank balance is a right b*tch, but then it’s my fault again for getting so tempted into going new food places and trying them out. I don’t always get essays but when I do, I hate them soo much. And procrastination is always there. Like a nagging cow!

    1. I think the adult feeling will come in a really subtle way & one day we’ll just look back & realise it was on its way all along! Lol! Thank you for commenting &I sorry for not replying sooner, I must have missed your comment out by accident! Xxx

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